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“Anything We Can Do To Win” | Bills Headed to Houston

Buffalo Bills Kevin Johnson and Devin Singletary addressed the media in preparation for their wild card round road match up against the Houston Texans. Inside the Locker Room presented by Gatorade.

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Evan Wittmeyer12

Go bills

Derrick Robinson

I think tre & kj better than tre & levi

    earl rainey

    Derrick Robinson long term can’t play man he to slow u can run pass him

    Derrick Robinson

    @earl rainey thats why he started spitting snaps with levi cuz levi was getting beat and i seen him not tackling rbs and he’s not slow are we talking about the same guy

    earl rainey

    Derrick Robinson i work in the stadium at times i see it but the split reps i like because they both not consistent starters

    Derrick Robinson

    @earl rainey the job was levi til he lost it true or false

    earl rainey

    True but honestly from watching it’s hard to play opposite a shutdown corner they gonna pick on the other guy so we gonna see how kJ do with a full start

Kimberly Granger

GO BILLS! #billieve

The 3 Flippers

Every day

Aaron Unklelg vi,o,hh//

kevin jhonson bout to step up and show out. I think that this cb tandem could be by far the most dangerous if kj plays like he can and be a lockdown corner across from tre Buffalo is about to become the most feared D in the playoffs. Let’s go Bills!!!!!!!!

Karo French

Go Bills

The Way

Revenge Game. Johnson is about to ball out.

Noah cameron

I personally always thought Kevin was better than levi happy hes gonna be starting

    Matt Merckel

    Wallace def still has a chance to play. We need em both

Bill Barone

I think this guys gonna wind up being really good

Chris C


    The Way

    Chris C you’re prob right

    Andrew Colvin

    No doubt. When Kevin is healthy he is a very good outside guy in this league. He is a better tackler too. Wallace is infuriating. He is good and does things good then falls apart. Or when he messes up it’s a massive mistake. I want them to keep both of them tho for next year along with white and just worry about pass rusher on d. Keep the d intact. And lo being gone will suck. Love lorax on this team. He can play another year. Go bills

Th3WildRov3R _

We need to get Duke Williams involved in this game. Also it’s critical that our offensive line is on point. All 4 guys and our tight ends need to stay clean, powerful and penalty free so Josh can have time to pick them apart. Our defense will hold them to 20 or less. Our offense puts up 21 or more, we win.


Its Kevins Time to,shine

David Maly

I think KJ is a better man cover corner and Levi a better zone cover corner… Amazing job by Bean getting us basically 3 starters …

James Jacobsen

Relax just do just have fun and you will prove it

Geek Squad

Is Kevin Johnson starting? Last I heard Wallace was hurt

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