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Josh Allen | “It’s What We Worked For”

Bills Quarterback Josh Allen meets with the media following Tuesday's practice at One Bills Drive. Topics Include: Preparing to face Houston in the playoffs on a short week, knowledge around him that he is leaning on entering his first playoff game, and the "win or go home" attitude that the team has adopted for the postseason.

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josh to duke for the win


IMAGINE for a sec this team scores 8 points more a game …..



Juan Lebron

Playoffs is a whole another level. Hope Allen and this offense can start fast.

Chris Beckham

Our success in the playoffs is completely on you. You’ve got up your game if we want a shot at SB.

    Christian Colarusso

    No there’s only been 2 wild card teams that have won a super bowl plus if you beat Houston you have to go up against the ravens

    William Speyer

    Christian Colarusso we were close to beating the ravens

    brian greenwood

    There is no reason it cant be us making that SB run. It is on Allen to take it to the next level. Sometimes it happens just like that. All of a sudden, overnite. He and the Bills are right there. Hope they can make this jump

    Chris Beckham

    I had a dream the Bills make it to the SB but lose.

Joe Petri

Allen’s cliche game has improved greatly in year two. 😂🤣


    “Ya dance with who brung ya” lol

James Jacobsen

The underdog Will prevail. The Lion ❤ Bills.

James Jacobsen

The Underdog 🐃 Bills. Not Just America’s Team. 🇺🇸 🇨🇦 🇬🇧 🇩🇪 and more. Billieve IT Wild Ride Bills Super Billieve Bowl LIV Underdog Championship Team.

In CogNito

Players shouldn’t have to talk to these clowns every day


I love this team. So much so, that I refer to them as my team. I love my Buffalo Bills! Go Bills!!!! We need to score points this week! Let’s go Allen and the rest of the offense! Light it up!! GO BILLS!!!!!

    The Bops

    Agree. The offence has to score or it’s goodbye for the year. Can’t rely on the defence to win it every week. Love it if America’s Team wore the throwbacks. Love the little red buffalo on the helmets.

    matthew moore

    @The Bops we gotta put up 28 points in my opinion, we gotta establish the run!!!!
    Its spelled OFFENSE haha sorry had to do it.



    Right. 24 might be able to win this game though, when you subtract Houston’s 53 pt game against Atlanta and last weeks 14 pointer when they rested their starters, they average 20 ppg at home, so 24 might do it for both sides here. Hopefully it’s us. 24-20 Bills, book it 😊
    *Knock on wood

Dave Bert

Good looking kid I think you’re the number one prospect coming up in the NFL these days go get a win for yourself kid


Once, just once I would love to watch a presser where we can actually hear what the questions are! Its almost 2020 – is it really that hard to have someone have at least one microphone for these people in the room?

    matthew moore

    I can hear the questions, get better audio.

    Rafael Cisternas

    Get a hearing aid

Trevor cox Cox

Love this kid !!! Let’s go Buffalo!!!

brian greenwood

Allen is gonna step up in this game and turn a corner towards being that franchise guy. He is right there. The entire team is. They do need some more offensive talent and size. Duke has to play too. I hope Allen feeds him and he explodes. Let’s make this run. There is no reason it cant be us Bills fans.

matthew moore

Just go play football josh, it’s still the same game at the end of the day. Dont let the media hype it out of control.

God Emperor Pepe

I just want Buffalo to shove a Super Bowl victory down every sports critic’s throat.

Brian Johnson

We’re fartin our tails off


That’s my quarterback

Kevin Battles

We need him to go 4-0 for us

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