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Texans all day💪🏽

Tyreek Boner

Texans going all the way, who agrees!


    Nobody lol

    Jamie Osgood

    Woah. Lol. Get past Buffalo first. Not going to be a cakewalk.



    Jamie Osgood

    Be careful what you ask for. Steelers fans begged for Color Rush for Sunday night vs Buffalo. The articles came out. They were touted as unbeaten (5-0) and unbeatable. McDermott showed his team that many were giving them no chance because of a freaking uniform. Then he doubled down by playing the Steelers Renegade hype song in practice all that week. The Bills adopted that Steelers defense hype song as their own on offense. They embraced it. The rest is history. The Steelers are now 5-1 in Color Rush. If your team decides to take their 5-0 Color Rush record into the WC game, just hope that the media and players don’t make a big deal out of it. The Bills didn’t take kindly to not being given a chance because of a game day fashion choice.


Gotta wear my color rush #4 jersey and make sure I only get mango habanero wings from wing stop (all flats) and wear my special socks and make sure to leave the living room every 13 minutes to make sure we win this game!


    enjoy those wing stop wings lmfaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


“The Comeback”

The Energy of the bull

We are going to make it to the Super Bowl and win let’s go Huston Texans

    HTX 713

    Chill bruh smh


    Loser lol


I’m a dolphins fan who when Bill O’Brien decided to make that trade for Tunsil I was like hahahahaha Texans dumb but to be honest bill knows what he’s doing great trade for you guys and bad trade for us in Miami ya won that trade imo even if ya win the Super Bowl or not Texans and Watson will continue to contend and I feel it… either way fins up and I believe in Flores not our gm Grier happy New Years good luck and hoping I hit on this Draftkings gamble.

    HTX 713

    Respect my g💯

    Jamie Osgood

    The Tunsil trade was one of several talent dumps by the Dolphins. It’s puzzling until you realize it’s a cleaning up of cap and a wiping clean of the slate. A page out of Brandon Beane’s book.

Jimmy J

For future reference try google……….
“All of Brown’s family and friends refer to him by his nickname, Smokey. The name was bestowed upon him at birth by the boyfriend of his grandmother. “She nicknamed me Smokey because when I first came out, I was blacker than what I am now,” Brown said, referring to his skin color. “Most people are like, ‘Why they call you Smokey? Because you are fast?’ But no.”
BILLS WIN 24-17!

Chris Orazio

Good write up..respect
.but hey a qb on that last play is not getting that ball over #49 Edmunds..he’s 6’6 , can jump to the moon. That gets picked too. It’d def be close but Edmunds is a freak over the middle. QBs forget he’s 6’6 lol

Benjamin Hinckley

Respect. From a die hard Bills fan it feels great to hear people not only say, but prove that Buffalo isn’t a bad team. Everyone wants to doubt us because of the so called “ soft schedule” but this team is turning into something special.
Houston has a solid offense and is going to be a good test for the Bills D. I won’t predict this game out of respect for Houston, but I think it’s going to come down to 1 score as the decider for the game. Let’s Go!

David Jauregui

Let’s go Texans!!!!!!!!

Buffalo Bills

Bills Mafia babyyy

Bill Bailey

so we not going to talk about that they only beat one team with a winning record the vikings which i dont think they even had a winning record when they did beat them

R Kizzle

Go Bills!!!

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