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I was not aware that the QB verbally communicates (“Take it.”) to the RB on read options! Cool to see/hear!

    Mike Greer

    The Number1baller they can’t hear it bro, they about 5-7 yards away in a packed stadium and Carson says it when miles is dummy close already

    The Number1baller

    @Mike Greer I’m talking about the edge rusher who is typically free on an option.

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    @Mike Greer now I totally understand why they do that clapping while snap the ball and same thing goes for high school
    They sometime misfiring and it’s risky to do that

    Mike Greer

    The Number1baller well, since it’s an RPO it’s usually a pass formation and the QB will typically say “take it” if he sees something he likes for the RB. The edge rusher is 9/10 taking the outside, obviously so it doesn’t really matter if he hears it considering he has pretty much .002 seconds to react

    King Richard the Lionheart

    RPO is different than a read.
    The read on an RPO is made pre snap according to the look.

philly_ sports

Hopefully the kid is ready to go on Sunday. We could really use him.

    Kitties FTW300

    philly_ sports he is


    He is! Legoo

    Lucas Borja

    He ready

    Harold Santiago

    Yeah he’s ready

Cara Pool

I love that they all seemed like they were PLAYING football ya know? Like it’s still fun

    TS Breakout

    That’s the Eagles under Doug Pederson for you.

Steve Cordova

Love this kid! He’s going to be a beast every time he touches the ball.

Zeliano 420

Miles is a beast! Glad to have him for future years to come.

Andrew james

Nike give that man a sponsorship he shouldnt have to make his own cleats online lol

Andrew james

This dude’s gonna be like mccaffrey or Kamara for us

    Andrew james

    @BigBongTheories I see something special in this kid hes had more of an impact this year then McCaffrey did his rookie year

    That Guy

    & What is Miles Sanders?…who has set Nfl & Eagles franchise many that I can’t list them all….& it’s Kamara..


    Andrew james No I do too. Miles sanders is one of my fav players i was just saying it’s unfair to compare to McCaffrey at the moment. Gotta respect him too and the mvp years he’s put in the past couple years


    That Guy I know, Autocorrect misfired


    @BigBongTheories McCaffrey is overused to be honest. Great player for sure but you can’t win championships relying on a player to be your main threat running and receiving. It doesn’t take away from his greatness and what he was able to do but if your aspirations is to be a championship team that won’t work. Sanders will be a key part of this team for years to come and he will etch his own name and will be among the top backs in the league. I can see 1250 rushing and 500 receiving and double figure touchdowns in his prime .

Call Me J. R.

He’s should be a candidate for ROTY

    Dbz Lover

    Yes Sir 😁

    Patrick Lair Jr.

    He is a candidate


No one:

Miles: hms hm hmm hmm hm

Jeaden Santos

It’s funny because they had to show all the clips from pre game cause he couldn’t play
Hope he’s 100% for Seattle

I do Stuff

His reminds me a of lesean McCoy and Leveon Bell…still hasn’t reached his prime

    D23 SQUAD

    Especially Bell because he can lineup at receiver 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

Evan Kerr

Interesting how Wentz tells him to take it

Deviant Assassin

Ever since that nasty no call getting his face mask ripped off during the Lions game. We see him on the sideline nodding his head. Right there I knew he was gonna go off this season.


If he can stay healthy he’s going to be a superstar in the league, Great pick for the birds 🦅

Kelly O'Donnell

Miles Sanders you are amazing but at :28 you said “Yeah I made these joints” when you should have said “Yeah I made these jawns.”

Freak A Zoid

Seeing it and hearing the sounds makes you love the game even more. Let’s go Eagles 🤔

Al Depantchu

He was a little shy early on. Now he is showing his burst and speed. He’s gonna explode on Sunday against the Seattle.


Hope we keep sanders, he seems very promising.

Mikko Filio

This shows what a REAL team is. Just look at how everybody loves everybody


“Nifty” feet. Surprisingly good blocker for a rookie RB.

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