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Ezra Knaack

King Kevoo clutch

Daniel Nazaryan

lets make this run to superbowl baby

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King showed us what we were missing when he was injured Stud
Go Pack Go!!!!

    Indie Smoker

    He’s unpredictable in my opinion, he gets blown out sometimes and he comes in clutch sometimes he needs to fix that

    Danny Hassoun

    I wouldn’t have picked him over th watt. But I’m sure that TT didn’t think Josh Jones would be a bust. But all said, kevin king is becoming a star

    Danny Hassoun

    Tj watt **

Lucas Nogueira

People hate on him wayyy too much i saw some people wanting him cut and Sullivan to start smh

    Lucas Nogueira

    @Josh Edmonds and king’s pick against the vikes was both impressive and clutch

    Josh Edmonds

    @Lucas Nogueira I really wanna know if that was king or pettine…there’s a video of Ryan Clark breaking down exactly what happened and it was an amazing play

    Lucas Nogueira

    @Josh Edmonds and for sure the 2nd best corner on the squad rn

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

This is why we drafted him too
He played the same way in college

tammy steves

If anyone is going to this game you make sure you’re screaming as loud as you possibly can … for THE ENTIRE GAME!

    Pie Of Justice

    tammy steves I’m going to that game


    There are too many old farts at Lambeau that don’t make a peep.

    tammy steves

    Pie Of Justice see ya there

Scout 805

It’s gonna be the saints comin to Green Bay right?
Or does minnie soda have another miracle in them against N.O.


    Scout 805 if minny wins they go to SF and we would get the winner of SEA/PHI. Reason is because 49ers get the advantage of playing the lowest seed remaining in the divisional round.

    Scout 805

    @wolverineyy Yes copy dat, forgot they wer 6 seed.

Adrian Munguia

Super Bowl champs in Jesus Mighty Name Amen 🙏🏽

mike ward

All hail the king of the pack

Xavier Salas

1:30 that’s literally what’s happening, we allow 15 points or less in every game in December and also win 5 in a row but they still doubt us 🤦‍♂️ the sleepin on us 🥱

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