Miles Sanders Expects to Play vs. Seahawks | Eagles Press Pass – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Miles Sanders Expects to Play vs. Seahawks | Eagles Press Pass

Philadelphia Eagles running back Miles Sanders discusses his status for Sunday and guard/tackle Matt Pryor speaks on how other offensive linemen have helped him develop.

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Jekyll Hyde

*By Not Putting Miles Back In The Giants Game After Being Injured Saved Him To Play In The Playoffs… Same With Jordan Howard (Who Went In For One Play And Didn’t Get The Ball)*

    Mohammad Abuali

    Very smart from the Eagles

    Dylan Gonzalez

    Jekyll Hyde hope the see Jordan Howard these playoffs. 🤞🏼

    Jekyll Hyde

    @Dylan Gonzalez *You Will… It Was a Big Step For Him Not Only Suited To Play But Went On The Field…Which Is The Main Reason Ajayi Got Released*

Eagles djBrown

Miles Sanders is a grown man out there. Proud of you boy and your rookie season.

Antonio Moses

Man these young cats from the practice squad and Miles Sanders showing hella heart out there ballin.

neil u

id prefer more energy, u guys. channel macho man randy savage a little! sanders n pryor took too many xanex or u need coffee. CRUSH the seahawks. 0 turnovers. 0 dropped passes. u all can do it for sure.

Ashton Swartz

Way to snag this guy in the second round

Daniel Timbs

I’m not just saying this because I’m a huge eagles fan, I truly mean it when I say I think miles is going to be a STUD for years to come. I think hes got saquon-like skills

    ezra spencer

    Miles is a better cutter and receiver

    Faith D

    I like Saquon but I feel like he is a one big play then I’m out type of player.

Mark Oglesby

Miles should edge Jacobs for. ROY


Miles playin. It’s on

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    Not 💯


    But he can run

    kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

    @That1KidYT I know but not as fast as before because he’s hurt

Dylan Gonzalez

That’s huge. 💪🏼 Hope this guy stays around for some time! 🦅💚🏈👊🏽

John Lancaster

Pryor is a big dude.

KGunnz _

miles sanders in good company with a last name like that (berry sanders and deion sanders off the top of my head) and he got the best first name of them all lol, already sounds like a hof name not saying he will be but who knows he already broke a bunch of records this year and he barely got half the carries if that


Matt Pryor has got some serious drip lol

John Flanagan

Who doesn’t love this guy? He’s badass and talented…commited and strong.

kitdacraze Philly the Kraze

He doesn’t look like wanted to play because he’s still injured not 💯%

Fonzorelli 808

You can tell he ain’t happy for the other back. That’s why he’s rushing back to hopefully keep his job but it’s only gonna hurt them. He’s in worst condition than Marshawn coming off the couch. Lol😂. Don’t rush and hurt yourself and be out all next season too dude.

Callsign RyU

Miles your proved that your the guy. Happy for your success.

Al Orr

He should be proud he’s not top 50.
It means he’s an Eagle and doesn’t belong on a list of regular football players!

Darnell Brown

If this the philly channel can yall PLEASE tell the defensive if they make a Huge play in the 4th with a sealed win … can they run to the endzone with Scandrick eagles Jersey on with a split in it n have the tam rip it in half n leave it in the endzone, lmao

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