Mike Evans: “We Know What We’re Capable Of” | Press Conference – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Opi Okapi

We love you a whole lot Mike 🙌💗💞🙏💎💕 Lots of love 💐🧸💗

Mike Ruzza

Aren’t we glad that we drafted Mike instead of Johnny Football?

    Marvin Mitchell

    Yes but we could have got Arron Donald


    Oh heck ya man, Mike is a very adjustable WR, stretching out for a pass or ducking (down) for a catch on screen pass. Absolutely the best

    Raul Garcia

    Glad the bills drafted sammy watkins instead of evans


    @Marvin Mitchell I ain’t complaining

    Marvin Mitchell

    @RockSolidEJV420 me neither I love mike

Joe Nop

Give this Man the Dang Ball!!

    stéphane A

    He’s not open and doesn’t fight to get open, he’s stuffed right away and doesn’t move… against second string DB’s.

Ryan Damon

MIke Evans we need a win 🏴‍☠️


We’re gonna hear this a lot this season

    Two Dudes Vlog

    If we don’t shape up then yes

Will Gaines

Tough start but this team has a first rate group of professionals. I’m confident they’ll come together.

    Andrew Witham

    You better be Will, or we’re coming for you. 😆


Mike just low key called out gronk to come back

Seeta Paudel

It’s that simple give ball to Mike that’s it..we will score points and win

Casey Williams Jr

I think Mike needs to be a diva every now and again cause he deserves at least 10 targets a game Lenny shouldn’t have more catches than him

joe ii

There will be plenty of elite teams to lose to, probably shouldn’t waste games you can or should win. Whatever the problem is in the locker room, air that s#!@ out and get it fixed!

Fred Kenzelmann

All the Passes should be the Deep Passes no More short passes


4 targets is unacceptable, this man needs the ball coming this way at least a dozen times per game regardless what the defense doing.

    Tito 662

    Oh how I agree. Specially in the red zone. However, this game against the Steelers without 3 of their starting corners and a starting safety. Mike should’ve had a career day. I’m hoping for a big turn around. I just don’t see it happening. Offense has been terrible. Don’t even get me started on the play calling.


    As great as Evans is, I don’t think he gets enough separation for brady. Bradys not a toss it up and hopefully you get it type of guy. He wants windows to throw into. I’ve thought that since Tom went down to Tampa. It just doesn’t seem like his style of play matches the style of play those guys down there are used too. I see more of a connection with brady and Godwin then I do Evans and brady.

    david selawsky

    He takes games off. Like this last one. He was covered by a back up I believe

    Aunchient Pistol

    TB12 doesn’t wanna throw INTs


    @Larry Not true. There’s times Brady would throw the 50/50 balls and have the confidence he would catch them. He target Godwin but was throwing dirt balls.

Brandon Stephens

Mike sent out the bat symbol for gronk 🦇

laugh out Los

Gotta throw him the rock more and in the red zone 2/3 attempts should go to Mike evans.

Nathan Bradshaw

Get Mike the Ball! I see you Mike bat 🦇 signaling Gronk lol 🙏🏽🙏🏽

david selawsky

Red Zone misses Gronk.
If you can’t beat the Panthers pack it in. Season is done.

john girgenti

Just look at boles Record when he coached the New York Jets now he coaches Tampa and the records are becoming similar stop pouncing on Brady and start looking at the coaches

Andrew Aldridge

Bucs score 50pts this week who wants to lose some paper ?? 🤑🤝

derek goldstine

When u losse and you have issues you become better don’t panic relax

Rob Graffy

Thank God this team has Mike Evans

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