Shaquill Griffin on back injury, eagerness for next opportunity | Interview | Jacksonville Jaguars – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Brett James

I’ve got Nothing but respect for him bc he has stayed professional & he is a great locker room guy. I know he will
Play better but just keep ya head up big bro🙏🏽


    “Big bro “lol if you were making 40 M’s you would act the same way win lose or draw

Jair West

Until he redeems himself he’s known as 26 😑

Tee N

Got nothing but support for Shaq. Everyone has a bad game sometimes. Get well brudda


Get well soon! 🙏

Flash the Turtle

Take a vacation come back with another team

Polmatt Pressure Washing

Excuses 😉


2 years and no production we gotta stop acting like he good




I bet his back hurt the way Matt rayn was picking on him

Les Duval

Back pain nah brah bench pain ok😂😂😂


Too much money to spent on this dude, Trey Herndon is better. Madden got him f d up.


    Facts ‼️‼️‼️

    Les Duval

    Madden always underate players .It’s ridiculous sometimes.

stephen Hardy

On his way out the door

cj fenig

Please gives us our money back. He has done nothing to justify that $40M contract. He’s been getting out played by Tyson Campbell since day 1

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