Recapping Loss in Pittsburgh, Antoine Winfield Jr. Getting Sacks | Bucs Insider – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Recapping Loss in Pittsburgh, Antoine Winfield Jr. Getting Sacks | Bucs Insider

Senior Writer/Editor Scott Smith and Team Reporter Casey Phillips report on the latest news ahead of Week 7 vs. the Carolina Panthers

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Matthew Sams

Tampa can’t block, end of story. Everyone wants to blame bowls and Leftwich like they should be out there holding the line. We have a 45 year old qb, if he stays upright, we win. If not, we lose…

    collin porter

    Amazing how simple the concept can be. Haha we block we win.


I was screaming in the offseason to address the O line deficiencies and lack of depth and Licht ignored that only getting a replacement for Cappa and a rookie unproven guard for the left side replacing a stud pro bowler in Marpet. Thats putting a coat of paint on a busted car. We still have no depth and with Steine out we now reap what we have sown. What were the Bucs front office thinking!?!?

    john wonder

    Jason started this downfall when he drafted Trask in Round 2. There were some guys who are starting now in the NFL, still on the Board (off line). Gronk finished it when he retired..

Ed Kiely

Ryan Jensen slated to be coming back sometime in November is huge news!

Gregory Barrette

As always, engaging and clear as a bell.

Jason Guerra

The fact that Todd Bowles and Jason Licht are trusting Luke Goedeke ROOKIE left guard to keep getting better throughout the season instead of bringing in a proven veteran left guard is concerning… this isn’t the preseason anymore you don’t have time to “improve” its week by week! Man I hope Luke knows he’s blocking for the GOAT!


    You didn’t need to go & disguise yourself. we know that you Skip Bayless 😂😂

Buck Leather

Currently, the Bucs are dead last in rushing in the league; rank 6th in passing. The biggest turn-around needs to take place in the running game: better blocking, running, play design or execution.

Jarod Storm 63

If the bucs figure out that they could become the most famous team in history thus far they would rally to get Brady to the Super Bowl.

Jamey Skousen

Double tight end sets will give more blocking power and time for TB to throw it. That’s all he needs is more time. When the defense is back on their heals because they are throwing the ball, the surprise run is often wide open. BL needs to get more creative and mix it up. This way they can confuse the defense and delay aggressiveness

Ryan Clark

Hey at least we have Julio that paid off

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