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Matt Nagy: We’ve got to lock in

Head coach Matt Nagy addresses the media Monday at Halas Hall.

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Arturo Sandoval

Go bulls

    Ryan ???

    That’s just more trash.

    Ethereal Punishment

    @Ryan ??? close to the playoffs tho, unlike the bears


    Go hawks

stephen holmes

Disappointing coach 26-3 Lost at home is embarrassing pace got to fix this team this isn’t Bear Football

    stephen holmes

    Chi773 I55 if you from Chicago you don’t know football Urlacher was one of the best LB in History Cutler and Greg Olsen before he was traded bro the bears had a lot of good moments not to mention Matt Forte bro this team is a disgrace compared to the Chicago Bears

    Ethereal Punishment

    you expect Pace the guy who drafted Kevin White 7th overall, Leonard Floyd at 9th (traded up), and Trubisky 2nd overall (traded up) to fix this team lmfao

    Censored 1

    @Chi773 I55 aside from maybe 4 seasons we could say 55 years

    Censored 1

    @stephen holmes how many rings did they win? ZERO so yeah that is Bears football

    stephen holmes

    Ethereal Punishment pace also drafted whitehair 2nd round, Goldman 2nd round,Jackson 4th round,Cohen 4th round and Roquan Smith who will be the best LB in Football 2020 not to mention signing Robinson, Hicks, And trading for Mack

Tosh T

Mahomes made some nice passes (some were impressive) but he had so many uncovered receivers who either broke loose or simply hung around the line of scrimmage as a safety valve dump off. Would be nice if the team could give Trubisky some easy targets.

    Ethereal Punishment

    they do, and he doesn’t hit them

    Censored 1

    Mitch cant hit an open receiver to save his life we see it every game like last night he was rolling out and overthrows a 6 3 Wimms on a 5 yard out that every QB in the nfl hits 90% of the time

    Scruffy Longducking

    @Censored 1 the one play Wims didn’t even try to put two hands up & the other he was held so it was called a penalty

    Censored 1

    @Scruffy Longducking No the one he air mailed over his 6 ft 3 head just like Air Mail Mitch does multiple times per game

    Scruffy Longducking

    @Censored 1 oh yea you’re talking about that play where the offensive line broke down & made Mitch have to scramble out to avoid a sack & then Mitch threw a ball on the run to Wims who didn’t extend his arms because they had nothing to play for. That play, right? The one right after Mitch hit Cohen but Cohen dropped it?


But your team has already packed it in ‘Coach’…

Emperor Penguin

Lock in? Now? The season is over. Rest your starters and be done with it.

I'm Awesome

Trestman 2nd year Bears vs Nagy 2nd year bears. Who wins in a head to head?

    Samuel Osifalujo



    OT 13-13 end in a tie 😒

    Asvp Carti

    MYEGOUSA TV ultimately it ends in a tie because both of their kickers miss the goal 🥅

    Censored 1

    @I’m Awesome Nobody wins


    Trestman has Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler. Nagy has Trashbisky and Allen Robinson. Trestman in an landslide. And it’s not even close.


Not more…. can this season just end now


We had to lock in after the loss in London you disappointing chalupa.

Israel Alvarado

There was no sense of urgency from day 1!! Coach has that same stupid look on his face that tressman use to have!! Bears fans are sick of the excuses!

Hated Neighbor

There are exactly ten reasons why you lost. Ask Patrick Mahomes.


Nagy is not the right coach for this team and he brings the wrong scheme with him as well. When you have this good of a defense you need to run the ball and throw from play action once they start stacking the box along with your mobile QB moving out of the pocket…this coach will not fix the team, and he got lucky his first year because of coach vic fangio who basically gifted nagy coach of the year. Blame any player you want, but this coach is not what this team needs to win the way they are built right now and without a total rebuild it’s not changing much next year either

    Censored 1

    So how many wide open TD’s does Mitch miss per game and if Nagy sucks so bad why is Mitch always missing open receivers? Mitch is bad even when rolling out look at just last night rolling out misses Wimms on a 5 yard out and misses Arob for a TD rolling out the other way and how can we run with this offensive line that cant run block?


    @Censored 1 every qb misses throws, it’s just more amplified when it’s mitch because it’s the easy escape goat, why do I never see you guys say ” wow mitch escaped that sack and got a first down” when only a handful of moble QBs could do that…the offense is garbage, even if mitch hits Arob for a touchdown we still lose that game by a mile, the playcalling is horrible, we fumbled on an end around, why don’t u mention that? It’s a dumb play that’s a gimmick play on a gimmick offense. Blaming 1 person on this team when even the coach is not doing his job is not going to fix anything. Also what is your solution for mitch? Andy fucking dalton? Mariota who is hurt every other game? No thx, il take the 25 year old whom has potential to be good of someone actually builds a system around his strengths

    Censored 1

    @NTBRO sure they do but Mitch misses more than he makes and it isnt even close


    @Censored 1 every team in the league knows what the bears are doing on offense… which is why you see 10 out of 15 games not being able to score in the first half. Run, screen, throw deep…its the same stuff over and over..yes mitch misses some throws but it’s usually because they are down big and now teams r playing prevent defense

Larry Pound

Nagy talks about discipline and says the Bears are a more disciplined team then they showed yesterday but the same stuff has been happening all year! you are what your record is…. he reads this team the way that trubisky reads defenses!

Whisky Cat Gaming

Your fault.
Fire him.

Censored 1

Bench Mitch and play Tyler for last game he actually looked decent in pre season. I know he isnt the answer but neither is Trubusty

Joe O

Hire a good offensive coordinator and please stop calling the plays. Sincerely ALL BEARS FANS!

Cathy B

Nagy has the same comments every week….get rid of the ego and let your offense guy make calls…cant be any worse!

classical dame

When he says “we”, is he taking some responsibility?


I’m so glad there’s only one game left. So, I don’t have to listen to Nagy’s ridiculous bullshit. This guy was not ready for primetime. He had little experience as an OC and blew that job on his last day with KC. He lucked into an very easy Bears schedule, got Vic Fangio as DC, then got gifted Khalil Mack. All he did was ride the wave and now we see who he really is. A fraudulent coach who’s more talk than action.


He thinks there isn’t a problem with trubusty! Huh? You got one more scrimmage game Nagy and then you got nine months to lock in I just hope you don’t have a job nine months from now.

Dark Ruffian

Nagy they are Not kids, they are grown men who should play like a well hibernated Bear when putting on that Bears Helmet!! DISAPPOINTED IN players & Coaches

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