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Kevin Pierre-Louis on loss at home to Chiefs

Linebacker Kevin Pierre-Louis addresses the media following a Week 16 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

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Kucci Ku

Even tho that punt play dug us a hole I love this dude moving forward yea his 110% motor got him on that play but he has a bright future

Nathan 75

Bring this man back!!


KC Coach Reid and QB Mahomes gives you a pretty good idea of what Chicago’s offense should look like when you have a competent QB and play caller. Dude you’re good but this is the second time you’ve run into a kicker and that cost Da Bears possession and points.

    OG Skywalker

    We would’ve lost regardless dude gtfoh


    @OG Skywalker Thats your point not mine. Now you GTFOHB

    Jack Leventry

    Electric take out that play and we still lose. Makes no difference 😂 offense couldn’t do anything anyway

Luis Perez

This dude is a beast

Emperor Penguin

Resign him, he can be 3rd MLB after Smith and Kwit

Mike Shirvis

Love this bear




This guy has a running into the punter fetish

    Jeffrey Lee

    HarrisonLive05 he gets off on it


He’s got potential!!!

youngblak Wall Street

The Chicago Bears must bring back certain players on defense this game was not the Bears i grew to love this was heartbreaking💔 tonight on Sunday night Football this game has got to fuel this team like a few others for 2020 nfl season i really want this team to play better against vikings on Sunday afternoon

Marino Blocker

We need to keep him….

lonewolf linebacker

I like the way this kid plays ILB.

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

What a great year

Michael Ascione

Hes a monster! Bring him back!

Big Rich

This knucklehead has to stop running into the kicker it’s not the first time this year cmon bonehead damn!!

    Jeffrey Lee

    Big Rich big rich that you?

Marvin Greer

Him and Roquan together next year will be extremely intense but i feel its time to move on from Floyd

classical dame

Watch out for the punter. Oy.

classical dame

PS..we do need to keep him.

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