Eddie Jackson on losing home season finale – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Tony Jaramillo

Nagy and pace have to go.

    Tony Jaramillo

    Benjamin Collard wait it isn’t?

    Jmoney The Goat

    Mainly Pace


    Joey Lockwood I don’t think this is all Nagy, they let go of Witzman and Kush early in the offseason and Pace convinced Bradley Sowell to turn into a TE to get more money when in reality it was a failed project. He let go of lineman that helped Mitch and it shows. I wouldn’t want him being the next GM and I’d certainly want Mitch to get some help if he is our next QB.


    Mitch and Nagy are good but can’t work with that o-line

Kucci Ku

Pace got this guy in a late round 50 percent is on Nagy 50 percent is on how much the o line declined and plays terrible

Emperor Penguin

I dont even know what happened to Bojack this season… smh


    Teams don’t throw his way. Pagano just isn’t using him correctly. It’s a sad process.

    7 up

    Gotta move him back to FS i believe its just that that threw his mojo off


This bears team is in complete collapse, that’s on nagy. I don’t want to see him on the sidelines next year.

    loyaltilltheend 1

    Rumor is that nagy is out at the end of the season.

    Burner Account

    loyaltilltheend 1 lol that’s fake news 😂he will be on the sideline next season

    I'm Awesome

    He ain’t getting fired……

7 up

Why would they move him to SS…he was tremendous at FS last year think that might have something to do with it, i love Haha for his name but 39 wayyy better at FS than Hahs


Is he going to complain about the fans booing again? Shoutout to Pagano btw for moving him in a position where he can’t even play the way he should. Idiot…

John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt

What a great season

Jamari Riddick

Shut down club dub, learn how to win and be professional about it.




    Hell no wtf

    B 2 Da Ry

    💯 agree

classical dame


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