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William Manders

Ridiculous decisions cost the Browns this game

Gemma Diva

Post game analysis: Browns lose, defense has no answers, offense is a lame duck, oops that play worked let’s not do that again.

Brandon Vaughan

Yet again, terrible coaching and discipline. It’s blowing my mind that my prediction of 6-10 after I watched that first game might be 100% correct. 🤦‍♂️


Redamancy 1

I say this is actually a much worse season than the year we went 0-16. At least then we had not talent on the field to speak of. No excuse this year. Unbelievable! Poor coaching, poor leadership, no direction, and inept execution on both sides of the ball. I’m an eternal optimist but I truly believe this team will NEVER be good. Ever!


    Just saw an article about 7 people shot in downtown Baltimore this morning.

    Josh Potatoes

    Yes, but our cops didn’t run over a 13 year old girl, chasing two other kids. Baltimore could have 7 people shot in one weekend, and never catch up to Cleveland’s gun violence.

    Josh Potatoes

    We got a travel warning advisory before we left Baltimore last night. Cleveland, on Dec 9th, not only had a much more violent weekend with actual murders throughout the city, but the dwindling town even had four bodies stacked up in a vacant house. That crap doesn’t happen in Baltimore. We do get murders, but you would think that Cleveland, which is half the size of Baltimore, would have less murders-not!


    Baltimore has the 2nd highest murder rate in the country, but we really don’t need to be having this conversation in a YouTube comment section on a video about football. Quit being shitty and talking down on someone’s hometown.

    Josh Potatoes

    Actually Cleveland is second right now, after this weekend. At least 26 Cleveland Browns players were murdered by a much better team called, Baltimore Ravens.

Jet Ace

56 years old I’m done got better things to do on Sundays.

    K Mac

    Brother, I’m right there with you. But we will be right there next season. They have talent. they need more talent and coaching. Myles is half the Defense…. sheesh

    A. Milo

    @K Mac I’m 55 and I was swearing so bad in those final 2 min before the half, giving up 2??? TD’s in 2 min…GRRRRRRR…I knew they would never go ahead after that and they were doomed……UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH…….what does it take???? WHAT??????? we will officially, even if we beat the bengals, have a worse season than last year….winning, we will end 7-9; losing 6-10….last year we were 7-8-1….. 🙁

    Slime Peso

    Ion blame you i might jus get some hrs at wrk on sundays

    Sir Jiggy wit it

    🌝..if you’re a Cleveland Brown’s fan in his 50’s…it’s a good chance Jesus is gonna call you home before your team figures out how to win…🌝

Beastmode Nation#6

Kitchens lost players Respect just Look at sideline..Embarrassing Season Thanks Freddie KITCHENS

David DeMarco

Stop the insanity and remove Fatty “Loser” Kitchens from the clubhouse. Show us we have something to look forward to next year.

Tom Hawley

this team is a JOKE….Freddie is a joke….wilks is a Joke……get rid of the coaching staff

    Josh Potatoes

    Tom Hawley
    Actually, it is the city and the people of Cleveland that suck. All the Browns have to do is move and they will be in a Super Bowl. Look at what happened when *the real Browns*, not your current consolation door prize franchise, left for Baltimore.

    zachary hebert

    @Josh Potatoes the fans will never except that they are part of the problem


    The biggest punchline of the joke is BAKER MAYFIELD! What a CLOWN!

Fat Freddie Kitchens

It’s ok gang I’m gonna work on tonight’s Cheeze Wiz Burritos and be back for Cincinnati!


Y’all got too many individuals and not enough teammates. Egos crushed the Browns season…coaching is pretty bad too.

Michael Lotenero

Ah z 7 -9 is not matching 7-8 and one sorry but dam i like you but you should know that!!


    He said matching the win total

Keeping It Real

GG Cleveland. Now go out and get a coach that knows what he’s doing


Based on his play-calling, I think I can smoke Freddie Kitchen in Madden. He’s predictable as hell LOL.

Dustin Platt

_Analyzing The Game…processing…… processing…._

Get Rekt.



Too much talent to not be in the playoffs. Awful coaching!! 🤦‍♂️

jake b

i now see why steve wilks has been with 3 teams in like 4 years now goodness i’ve never seen a team give up 14 points in 69 seconds lol

liberty bell

You can always second guess a bad play, but bad clock management is another thing.
Your playing the best team in the NFL right now and you need every advantage you can get, not a smart move, in fact it’s just plain stupid.
We have to cut Freddie loose .

Warren Ash

It is a fitting indictment of the Browns organization that as soon as the game broadcast was over on the radio that the post game show wasn’t carried on the internet and then last weeks show was put up instead on Proves that the organization is second rate and can’t handle being in the NFL. Perhaps a new ownership team with new GM and Head coach can bring a first class operation to the much suffering city of Cleveland. They have not proven that they know how to win or run an organization. Playcalling is the least of the worries that plague this franchise. Until the franchise can prove that they are worthy of support, I will refrain from following the team, or the NFL in general. I don’t care who wins the Superbowl if it isn’t the Browns. Trades, signings and new coaches don’t prove anything. I want results and will only respond again to results. I sometimes get the feeling that the only reason they are changing uniforms next season is to try and get more of our money to get new stuff for a team that hasn’t earned our support for more that 20+ years. I can’t root for any other team so I guess I go back to not watching the NFL. This team isn’t worth it anymore. I know my emotions fluctuate everyweek from give them a chance to throw the bums out. But either way there is no doubt that this team sucks. OBJ wants to leave? I don’t blame him. Juice wants to leave? Ditto! Fold the franchise and forget about it. Must be something in the water that makes all ownership of this franchise turn into complete idiots. Tired of our old team that was stolen from us now getting ready for their third Superbowl since they left! THAT SHOULD BE US!!!!!!!! No excuses! Want results! However, don’t see anything different happening with this current bunch in charge. Tired. just plain tired. At least the NHL is exciting.


The shame-saga continues… Browns do the impossible and ace another unthinkable way to embarrass themselves.

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