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LiveWireRed B.

Can’t believe how bad the offense is. 3rd and 1 and you can’t draw up a play action pass off that?

    Stomping Peak

    Yea it’s not like we have the best running back in the country lmao.

    LiveWireRed B.

    @Stomping Peak The box was stacked but I mean even that would’ve been better than a half back pass. Jeez.

    Cool Breeze

    Omg he ran a half back pass on 3rd and 1 wtf!


Two minutes in the half. Cleveland ball. No timeouts for Baltimore. And yet you still let them have the ball back with enough time to score. I’m not even mad. In a way, that’s impressive.






    hes a baffoon

    david sanders


Robert Hazen

Usual comments. How you can’t come up with more creative play calling. Why is Chubb always on the sidelines in 3 td and 1

    Michael Fraser

    more creative play calling but get mad when he calls trick plays, when they worked last year he was praised, all result based opinions


    The 3rd & 1 play, giving up 14 points in 69 seconds at the end of the first half because he didn’t run out the clock, going for 2 instead of kicking the PAT and keeping it a one-score game.. The guy is a fucking moron and should’ve been fired yesterday.

    Robert Hazen

    What I mean by creative play call is being less predictable. Run both Chubb and Hunt in the backfield, mix it up. It’s been a problem all season. Pittsburgh game same thing happened. SMH

    Bryan Hallman

    @Robert Hazen I’m talking about the bonehead “trick plays” that only trick the offense into handing the ball back to the other team. The normal plays are being read and destroyed by whoever the defense is. Even the worst pass defense in the league kept Baker to 247 yards passing, on FORTY-THREE ATTEMPTS.

Tim Sydlowski

Have a better chance winning with Fredo from The Godfather movies coaching then Freddie. 😂
3rd and 1 : get Chubbs outta the game and send him to the concession stand for me. We don’t need no stinking runner let’s open up this offense.
Damn! My wife said that would work.


Freddie only knows screen plays that never get blocked, quad reverses, 30+yrd pass plays that you know 99% time the 2 OTs cant block long enough. Fred’s got the 2 best backs in the league no doubt about it but wont lean on them cause he is addicted to big chunk pass plays .In the end its a mess on offense

    Hunter Miller

    Ye ah you’re so right man. He’s so bad it’s sickening. This was actually a pretty winnable game. But our defensive line needs revamped bad. I feel like it’s the same 15 plays over and over. And when something works he never goes back to it or sets anything up

    Matt M

    Defensive line is fine. Sheldon got taken off the field, garrett is serving suspension , and vernon is injured. That’s 3 pro bowlers right there


    Don’t forget that shitty shovel pass he likes to run


    Matt M Vernon and Richardson have been to pro bowls, they are not pro bowlers. Those guys have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of note this year.

Chris Wisnieski

Freddie has not done well but Steve Wilks needs to go asap and take Randall with him. Also, why does Baker have to tell Odell where to line up on half the plays? Need to get ur butt to camp next year.

    Donald Scott

    Chris Wisnieski I think it was a mistake to get Odell. Too many egos to feed.

Nate Jones

Somebody get a bag of marshmallows over to ESPN. They can roast them along with Freddie Kitchens Tomorrow.

Cool Breeze

Okay every person in this page is sick of Freddie..obviously all these quotes can’t be wrong I say get the coach capable and get this guy outta town before he destroys our team I’m pist off

Hunter DeLaney

Seems like a super nice guy, but he’s got to go👎🏼


Going into the half with under 2 minutes on the clock (and the ops don’t have a time-out), run- run- kneel go into the tunnel!!

Douglas Fisher

Urban Meyer. He loves Ohio.

The Aquamancer

At this point, the Browns should hire Rex Ryan. At least the dumpster fire would be entertaining.

    david sanders


941drichardson DDR

He points a lot of fingers .. not a good coach

New Trucker Marv HighMiles

Watch they go to Cincinnati and lose Freddy isnt the guy man!!!


Can’t coach off of results? What the heck are you supposed to coach off of! So in other words you have learned nothing this season

Chase McBride

You’re Terrible Freddy, I really hope you get fired their is no leadership or fight from this browns team


I propose that all slow-developing plays in short yardage situations that get blown up in the backfield be called Freddie Kitchens-ups, or FKups for short.

    david sanders



Freddie’s offense consists of HB dive and 4 verticals. Ahhahaha poverty franchise, here we go clownies

    Derrick Talbert

    correction… inside zone, strong flood , 4 verts

Top 10 Wizard

Play calling was insanely suspect on more than a few plays. Gotta wonder why someone would do some of the things he did. Just don’t get it.

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