Baker Mayfield Says Team Played Hard vs. Ravens | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Even the camera lacks focus. Trickles down from the top.

    david sanders


Micah C.

Same ol speech every week

    Jared Davis

    Same old questions every week too…wtf

Guy Sky

This video was brought to you by Progressive insurance.

    Nick Longo

    How original

Steve Ingrassio

So much talent, what a disappointment !

    james baldwins

    Marginal talent. Lamar has talent. That was the difference in this game.

    Martin R

    Heard this since day one. If there was so much talent, there would be wins, but it’s excuses. But there is always next year

Mark Krimmel

We will get better…..and the first thing is a new coach….look we won 6 games with a coach that was never more then a bullshit position coach….Dorsey took a gamble and lost big time

    zachary hebert

    @Mike Roagression 100% correct

    Adrian Garza

    David Minor I’m a Dallas fan as well as a Browns fan, and you don’t want Jason Garrett.

    oldnew newold

    Coach is bad but the QB horrible!! 🤦‍♂️

    Mark Krimmel

    We see after next year…I’m not giving up on baker just yet

    David Minor

    @Adrian Garza I don’t want him as the HC. I lived in Dallas when he was the OC and he was damn good

AnDrEw J14

I think that we all know where baker can be and will go but we need a coach that will develop baker and make him into what we know he can be

    james baldwins

    Yes we know.. he can be an mvp.. of the CFL.

    oldnew newold

    Where?????? How the hell you know that? This is the problem with the Browns every QB you drafted is the next Montana. Look at the QB he suck stop dreaming.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

    Charles Pinkett

    Baker a bust

Stan ezen

Poor kid. Really wanted to make the playoffs. Maybe next year

    james baldwins

    He will make the playoffs. In the arena league.

    William Anthony

    The only way he’s making the playoffs is with a head coach that knows WTF he’s doing!

    oldnew newold

    Don’t worry you still gonna see him in the playoffs. I believe he still have about 50 commercials left to be air.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Suck A Fart

He’s like a recently divorced dad who just lost custody of his kids

mark23985 t

RUN the damn ball!!

    james baldwins

    Why run the ball with 2 top 5 rbs on your team and win the game. When you have baker Mayfield! Baker should get a game check from opposing teams.

mark23985 t

under 2 minutes and the go 3 and out, burn a whole 16 seconds off the clock, freddy has to get the hel outa here

Jeff Jeffries

Notice reporters, announcers and others repeating “obviously” during the game and post game interview ? Learn more about these paid trolls and others, and a hate/smear campaign @ Allegedly

Jaden Wilson

No sound on the last half bro

Greg S

This must be from his new hobo wear line

AtlasRunner G

Well Freddie was Right about One Thing…

    mark23985 t

    haha its like he tried to prove it


Freddie Kitchens…another Bama BUST

    Ben Adek

    G M he ain’t got nothing to do with BAMA . So don’t say that

Troy Brewer

Look sloppy…play sloppy…does Tom Brady look like this after a game?

    scott kalinowski

    looks like he should be standing at the end of a freeway ramp – with a sign – HELP

Dragonic Overlord The End

I think they already made the statement Kitchens would be staying another year but he should really be fired. Let Urban Meyer take over… Ik some would choose Rivera or McCarthy but I don’t think they would be desperate enough to coach the Browns, no offense


    Dragonic Overlord The End They haven’t made that statement at all. They pretty much said barring horrific collapse they would keep him. He’s honestly regressed as a coach last 2 weeks.


    Also the browns are still an attractive job. They’ve got young talent all around. Freddie regressed is to looking like a joke again.

Stephen Yount

Let me guess, giving Cam Newton a run for the money in the fashion department?

Drew Edwards

Browns fans swear Baker is the guy. 😂😂

Unus Yousuf

Detective Mayfield

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