Matt Nagy: All three phases weren’t clicking at the same time – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

The O-line has been terrible all year that’s where it starts!!


    Ive been saying this since day 1.. i think motgomery with his Leveon type patience would flourish behind a good O-Line too

    Boomer Bob

    Still saying that getting rid of Jordan Howard took away their running game. He was always good for yards 90% of the time. Not knowing who would get the ball in the backfield kept the opposition’s defense guessing and opened up their passing game. Trubisky isn’t getting any better. I don’t think he is their QB for the future. Sorry , I like the guy and his attitude but he is not getting it done like an Aaron Rodgers or Brett Favre did.


Draft OL, TE, and a new CB / EDGE and Mitch will flourish

    Alan Molina

    Bntly draft order
    MLB wouldn’t hurt to get another solid one
    More OL

Ryan ???

The Bears not clicking….You don’t say?

Rey Lopez

OL, Rusher, CB and a Coach smh

I'm Awesome

Not sure what pisses me off more. Being swept by the Packers this year or being eliminated from the playoffs by this loss to the Packers…….

    Reese Williams

    Both. BEAR DOWN

Emperor Penguin

Wasn’t the best game, but it was far from the worst

Brandon Brock

Nagy is the biggest reason this team has struggled this year. Him and then the o line. I’m hoping they fire Nagy and hire Rivera. This was supposed to be the year. This team was supposed to pick up where they left off last year. This year just proves without a shadow of doubt that Fangio was the reason they went to the playoffs last season.. A year or two of hope and then it’s right back to normal.

    Alan Molina

    Brandon Brock that’s part of running the west coast offense when you run into new talent you have to find ways to adjust your scheme look at Andy Reid he struggled many years with the eagles now look he was given time and is now an offense mastermind


Nagy what happen to your awesome trick plays from last year?


Nagy has a lot to answer for. Way too many deficiencies on this team that is full of talent. He needs to maximize what he has instead of trying to force what he doesn’t. We only looked better than average vs some below average teams.

Yoshibro 456

Just let our 2 stringers play the rest since were eliminated from the playoffs

Ean Guieb

Run run run dump off dump off screen screen screen

Paul Yang

This guy is supposed be an offense guru and his offense stink let’s get real Bears Ron Rivera!


Offseason starts today. Nagy and Pace need to be on the same page otherwise we will only fail.


So sick of excuses and cliches


OUR DEFENSE last season 1. made it to the wild card ,2. gave Matt Naggy coach of the year .3. vic fangio head coaching job, n
4. Ryan pace an award.
THIS YEAR our DEFENSE 1.ran out of gas 2. NO playoffs 3. finally head coach expose . wasnt a factor last yr, got worst this yr.

THANKYOU DEFENSE ,Leonard floyd my fav player. keep grinding GO BEARS . hopefully dfrnt coach n o line next season.

Lui Franco

NOT ONCE this whole season, have I heard coach Nagy put anything on himself. Not once.

    Cornelius Squalls

    He’s been that way since day one! If you can’t acknowledge your role in the problem, then how will you ever be able to fix them!

Alex Alvarez

It’s the OL n we need sum new Cb’s

Willie L. Terry Jr.

Nags these last two games are you preseason. You need to figure your O-line…who stays and who goes; the WRs rotation…personally I don’t like Gabriel at the X or Z slot. He’s too small and can be man press without getting knocked off his route. Test Patterson, Ridley and Wims… Figure out why Pagano is playing zone coverage so much when we’re clearly better at man coverage, press on one side off on the other. Zone at the 50 yard line is way different than zone at the 10 yard line.

Diart Musliu

Fire Nagy, Hire McCarthy or Rivera
Pagano has made this defense decline, Jackson is no where near he was last year.
Get new OL, TE, CB


Time to fire Nagy.

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