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Jacob B

Fire Freddie can’t beat the worst defense in the NFL there has to be a standard and this just isn’t good enough


    Release gayfield and firing Dorsey would be better. Kitchens ain’t the reason browns suck

No Actual Way

Dissapointing loss? More like dissapointing season


A ridiculous loss. This team is never prepared. Every week they are confused and have the worst playbook with one of the best rosters in the league. So where does the axe fall? It should never have had to happen as this team should currently be head coached by Gregg Williams. Unreal year. Garbage. Fire Freddie but not sure we really trust management to hire a competent coach.

    K Aguilera

    You nailed it!! 💯

Seesay Cisse

Baker looks like a bum out there bye bye Freddie

    c_ tatsu

    Baker is a bum tho and so is fred

    Ra Akhanaten

    Baker is insurance fraud!!!

Common Sense

Both lines are horrible right now. Affects everything.

Paul Beduhn

A Wast of talent!

We need a real Coach!

    Tommy Dodd

    @Keeping It Real that’s what I’m trying to say. We need better coaching period! I think Baker would be having a better season if we had a coach who knew what he is doing.

    Jerry Stevens

    @Tommy Dodd Um, the Ravens have John Harbaugh who is in his 11th year at Baltimore and fans wanted fired just a couple of years ago. Who do you think wants to come in be head coach and get fired after ten games? That’s how many Kitchens has coached.

    Tommy Dodd

    @Jerry Stevens um Bruce Ayers wanted to coach the Browns, but didn’t get the job thanks to Dorsey

    Jerry Stevens

    @Tommy Dodd If Bruce Arians is your idea of top shelf head coaching talent then yeah, there are really good coaches out there wanting to come to Cleveland.

    Classic Man

    and a real Qb. He’s a game manger who still can’t do anything with elite talent


What a piss poor performance


We need a lot of changes in the Browns organization including coaches . With the talent they have there is no excuse for the level of play we are seeing. Baker Mayfield needs to be in competition for his job next year. If he doesn’t perform then we play someone who will. Simple as that. There should be no job security on the Browns next year. Enough is enough

    Big Dog

    We had to suffer through 1yr of wilks you guys have the worst coach in the league as your D-Cord good luck with that lol.

    K Aguilera



Thanks Defense without Garrett which was guilty of the most DUMBEST PLAY IN NFL HISTORY THAT REALLY CAPPED THIS YEAR OFF

John Adams

Honestly wouldn’t no team be better than being the laughing stock every year?

Hobo Bob


    K Aguilera


Pilotorpheus 862

You know I was thinking this weekend… “maybe Cleveland did get the right coach, maybe it is not as bad as I am making it out to be” nope I was wrong, coulda had Arians, has the buccs at 50 percent despite how bad their team is.

    c_ tatsu

    Dude dont come in and talk shite


why does freddy have to wait until the game is in trouble to figure out his best offense is running the damn ball. please either get rid of him or bring in some one that has a better offensive scheme.they have no clue what they are doing offensively or defensively at this point


this team has absolutely no discipline at all!! that is a direct reflection on their head coach, that applies at any level of any sport

Nick Tisone

No accountability from day #1! Same old Browns….

Mike Muffler

I understand if in 20 years Nathan becomes like Grossi and Cabot.

Sean Perkins

6-8 and we have the leading rusher in the NFL paired with the best WR combo ??????

    K Aguilera

    You nailed it bro !!! Kitchen’s has literally ruined this squad, looks even worse w this talent!


Y’all hoarded all this talent just have it led by a HS coach LOOOOOL

    Tom Schmid

    Wrong. My HS coach was better.

William Wickerd

I am a seahawks fan. It just blows me away how this season has gone for the browns and the browns fans. I like most thought your team was playoff bound. The Freddie hiring as we all can see was horrible. Great thing about football next season is right around the corner. Let myles Garrett play and I believe in chubbs.

Go hawks

f conzo

Dorsey has ruined the chemistry on this team-we were better with Zietler-Perriman +Hollywood-no need to try and fix what was not broken–Perriman had 3 tds today alone! Letting Avery+Lawerence go was
a mistake and now we are too thin on defense! Hope they at least sign Shobert or our defense will really take a hit!

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