Freddie Kitchens Explains Heated Convo w/ Jarvis Landry | Cleveland Browns – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
KiidBennett II

Pls fire

Gemma Diva

Humm, how many times have we heard from ALL the previous loser coaches,” the guys fought hard”? He must be reviewing film from previous losers so he has an answer for their piss poor performance. Take a hike you bum, one hit wonder.

    Joey J

    He says they played hard all game … then why did you lose Freddy!!???

    D M

    He was never a hit like Bob Wiley said Ken zampese was the reason for the success

    B Sn

    They.didn’t play hard. Except for chubb, the effort was atrocious from this team.


just lost to a team that has zero chance at making the playoffs this season.


    @james baldwins nope. not at all dumbass. i even said they should forfeit the season a couple weeks ago. my comment was directed at the fans who told me i was wrong. stfu and don’t put words in my mouth. lmao

    Kenny Twiztid

    @David seems like you need to get a life bud.


    @Kenny Twiztid seems like i don’t since i have more money than you ever will, bud. poverty rat

Seesay Cisse

The team quit on you Fred its evident he’s in over his head


    @William Paul just a stone in the river

    Death Galaxy89

    Mad facts

    K Aguilera


    Suffer In Silence

    If I hear him say “we got to go 1-0 this week” again I’m going to shoot myself…I didnt think anything would be worse than when Pat Shurmer would always say “We battled today”….but Freddie “Ponderosa” Kitchens beat it. Hes got to go!


    They are paid athletes, very well paid at that. If they can’t get themselves ready to play, they should be shown the door. It was clear the defense had no emotion, didn’t even care to be out there. It was pathetic. I hope they clean house on defense next year, they have clearly regressed.

JimmySe Se

Landry has no respect for you. Nothing to do with being emotional.


    Serious question. What has Jarvis ever done? He hasn’t won a damn thing at this level. I’ve seen him get paid a lot, pout when he doesn’t get the ball, and then make business decisions about not going after contested balls.

    Michael Beltran

    ubon11 then you’ve never paid attention to jarvis. Dude is the heart of the team, and is constantly picking ppl up when its going bad. So if hes upset, you know its really bad


    Michael Beltran Again, Landry hasn’t accomplished jack as far as being a part of a successful winning team. So why are we so certain that his way is the right way? Dude needs to grow up, stop worrying about his brand and his shoes, and make some meaningful game changing plays to help his QB and coach out.

    Michael Beltran

    ubon11 he’s only one player on a team. Plenty of great players didnt play on winning teams. Plus landry has record for most receptions in first 6 seasons, as well as the most receptions on the team. You sound like a dumbass putting any of this on him.


new coaching staff at the end of the season

    Ton Sports

    mrdarkcr nope they said Freddie will be back


    @Ton Sports There’s no way – pressure to fire him is going to be too much


    @Ton Sports barring a collapse. He’s lost the team

    K Aguilera

    Agreed!!! 💯 This coaching staff f this whole thing up big league!!

Anthony Stone

6-10 or 7-9? Should have fired Freddie when they ran 2 min drill in week 1 of preseason.


    Especially when they don’t even use them in actual games.


I can’t tell you how tired I am of hearing this guy say “It’s not the result we wanted…” ugh please fire Freddie….


    @Mr Mike Money, fame went to his head. He’s no longer the QB that he was at OU.

    jake b

    “it’s not the result we wanted” is the new “we’ll watch the tape”


    At least he stopped the ” we need to execute better”.


    @JazzedHellcat Wilson needs to read the offense better and stop running into offensive linemen , Randall jumping up and down like a buffoon in the endzone cost us 6, Baker needs to stop throwing behind our WR’s , we need to re teach how to tackle and wrap em up, play till the whistle blows, ect. You know, the real problems why we got embarrassed on Sunday.

    Mike Roagression

    fire him and then what?they’re still paying the past coaches they fired lol and baker is a bum


im so friggging tired of hearing gotta go 1-0 this week sorry freddie you are 6-8 so u havent went 1 and 0 very friggin often. try finding an offensive coordinator instead of finding a way to go 1 and 0

    The Abstract

    bigbilly1957 Freddie is an idiot

    Dawg Pound

    bigbilly1957 couldnt agree more !


    He basically is the offensive coordinator monken’s time is being wasted

    Anthony Jones

    Don’t talk about new offensive coordinator, and I am a Kitchens fan, maybe later, but Head Coach is too much for him. I like the guy in Minnesota!

William Paul

Team has lost faith in the game plan.


    Freddie’s game plan is a picture drawn in crayon of him as a stick figure raising his arms in victory.


My goodness you have super bowl talent, yet all I am seeing is OBJ, Mayfield and Landry regressing to one of the worst players in the league. It is not their fault; it falls on you Larry the Cable Guy. #firekitchens

    Fightobserver 1903

    I think Freddie has underachieved, but he not only guy in Cleveland that can be said about. At same time Freddie must go.

    james baldwins

    @Fightobserver 1903 he was able to get a job he had not qualifications for. Just like baker.

    james baldwins

    @Fightobserver 1903 based on their limited talent and experience, both of them have OVERACHIEVED. THIS is as good as its gonna get for them both.. enjoy.


    Not Landry.

C Swimm

I believe this game qualifies as a “total collapse.”

Roy Kenniebrew

Shut up with this 1 and 0 crap the season is over

    Dawg Pound

    Roy Kenniebrew lmao !!

    Suffer In Silence

    I’m so sick of hearing that…it means nothing at this point.

    John L

    I feel that! Lmaooo

Big Worm BW

Browns Defensive Coordinator is overated time to replace.

    Chances Bail Bonds

    Big Worm BW the D coordinator should not have even been hired😂 we play in thE AFC North until we get better on D the offense won’t take us to the playoffs


    He was our HC last year, enjoy him. 😂 #RedSea

    james baldwins

    Don’t let that distract from the fact that BAKER MAYFIELD IS A BUST

    Kenny Twiztid

    When will you clowns fans realize ur qb is the shits? Manziel 2.0 lol doesnt matter who u have coaching offense or defense with that dude under center this is the best ur gonna get.

jake b

imagine if someone like mike tomlin was the coach. steelers 8-5 with a bunch of backups in different positions and theyll still make the playoffs meanwhile this dude has top wide receivers and running backs and most likely gonna finish 7-9

    james baldwins

    @Jake the reason why it looks bad. Is BAKER MAYFIELD IS A BUST.

    Mr Mike

    The QB is the heart that should pump blood through the team and sorry that is not Baker Mayfield he is the heart of your problem Don Shula with the highest winning season record could coach this team and Mayfield will still deliver the same performances

    Q Horton

    6-10 man.. i think the team has given up unfortunately


    I’d give my facial hair to have him as a coach. Man move the junkyard to thr junkerckfoff. Ogog. O bkg k hofso. Odd. .b.b.n,n k o e k bigf


    james baldwins you obviously have no idea what you’re talking about so I’m not even going to argue with you

Mike Muffler

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Should have left things how they were at the end of last season. #GreggWilliams
Absolutely horrible season for the “talent” we have.
Failure as a whole.
Lipstick on a Pig = 2019 Browns
#Browns #FML #EpicFail #Cleveland #Ohio

    Mint Dragon

    Mike Muffler yah, I thought Gregg Williams did a great job of keeping people focused last year. Surprised the owner didn’t feel the same 🤷‍♂️


Freddie Kitchens is a poor excuse for a coach, with the talent Cleveland has, we should have a winning record.

    Mr Mike

    The QB is the heart that should pump blood through the team and sorry mayfield is not that guy. Overpaid underperformer who sees himself as #1


Every play the offense gets lined up with under 10sec left on the play clock and none of the players seem like they know what they’re supposed to be doing, it’s been like this all year


3:36 “I don’t care about my future as a Browns Coach.” – Freddie Kitchens


    It shows lmao

    Tyler Fulz

    I think used missed the point he was making there big guy.

Doctor MindBenDa

Damn, !! Freddie just said it!!! “I DON’T CARE ABOUT MY FUTURE AS THE BROWNS HEAD COACH!!!” …..there it is muthafuckas!!!!!!

    Tyler Fulz

    You’re an idiot.

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