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H O P E.


I’m gonna continue riding til the road cracks.

    Sheila Blare

    Its cracked

    apples 88

    Braxton’s Basketball Diaries

    It’s always been cracked. There never was a stable foundation. Comes from the offices Above


    Then you better hope you’re not on a bridge my friend!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


    The roads been cracked since the 80s. However if we are speaking on this season solely, kitchens has lost the locker room.

    Jeff W.

    It cracked last night…

Tim Zahler

I honestly don’t care what he has to say… We need a real coaching staff n if he cant go back to what we expect idk..its a waste of talent and time.. I have hope for baker stil justl not his chances w freddie as HC calling plays

    Tim Zahler

    @tufgbh w gfys u snowflake


    @Tim Zahler πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Thank you

    Alpha Omega

    Tim I agree with you 100%

    james baldwins

    Hope? Lmao! It’s OVER…

    Tim Zahler

    @XmenAvenger23 what u thanking me for


Second year shakes r real.


Please get a good staff around this team PLEASE WTF

    Tim Zahler

    @sipesthebest baker hasnt had the offense made to fitnhis skills or chubbs xkills or odell that sounds like a bad coach and staff.. Wo myles our def was bemow avg our was below avg w 5+pro bowlers it falls on dorsey for hiring this trash and getting rid of williams. Who proved he was the leader and perriman 5 catchea 140sumn yard 3td he a legit deep threat last season baker was held accountable this seasin soft freddie let him loose sorry bub


    @Tim Zahler
    It’s tough for me to decipher that last post, what for all the abbreviations, but I know that I stated that our coordinators (Monken & Wilks) are both respected coaches who were in demand this past off-season, and they’re not the only good ones on this team. The main problem is this is a very young, very immature squad with far too many prima donnas on it.

    D M

    @sipesthebest Baker has gone downward Freddie wants to be bakers friend not coach time to move on to a credible coach

    Mr Mike

    Start with getting a franchise QB because Baker Mayfield is not that regardless of coaching staff you’ll see they’ll replace the coach and do different things keep Mayfield and you’ll get the same results

    Michael Rotonda

    CONGRATULATION!!! the browns are now the only NFL team to not have a winning SEASON in this entire DECADE!!


For most of the season we jus dont look excited to play its WEIRD EVEN IN THE 0-16 SEASON WE PLAYED HARD THIS TEAM JUS DONT HAVE IT STARTS WITH COACHING


    Meh, that is nostalgia goggles really. This team plays harder that 2016 and 2017.

    Tim Zahler

    Agree lil ty g our losses have been bad effort most our wins also we had w good games all season


    eeMACw ya ever since freddie came

    Michael Rotonda

    The browns will now be the ONLY NFL team to not have a winning SEASON in this DECADE! congratulations!!!!

Mike Muffler

There are some serious issues in that lockeroom.
Should have NEVER changed sh*t at the end of last year (ie Gregg Williams, etc.)
Garbage *ss season for a “talented” group of players.
#FML #Browns

    Tim Zahler

    Mike miffler dont jump off the bridge… Im as dissapointed as your are its a shame! One thing i learned myles garett is that good so is chubb n hunt

Jason Street

If they dont replace Kitchens at the end of the season, this city is going to erupt!!! Baker deserves a better coaching staff that knows how to create plays and call them.. Coaches that RUN the GD ball to set up the pass.. To stop running empty backfield sets at the goal line.. To put the team in positions to score inside the 20.. Im done with Kitchens, Wilkes, Monken, and the rest of that so called coaching staff.. Odell wants to leave, and to make him stay, they need to get an experienced coach in here NOW!!!

    Chilly Charles

    Isn’t Kichens the coach Mayfield wanted?

    Zack Johnson

    Who though?

    Ra Akhanaten

    They deserve a real quarterback!!!!

    Jerry Holmes

    Agree with you 100% and the QB coach is Lindley who can offer Baker nothing. Zampeze was QB coach last year and you can see the difference. Whether you like Kitchens or not this coaching staff is much different and the results show that. The only good has been special teams and not happy with the return game.

    Chad Tucker

    @Ty Wilson Last year wasn’t Freddy’s offence. It was Todd’s O. And it was a Greg W. Defense. You’re a fool if you think they completely changed the offense in the middle of the season. Freddie may have been calling plays but it was only under Greg’s tutelage.

Sr Drone

There’s no energy shown by this team either on offense or defence.

    Timothy Martin

    @D M hay dumbass and what does this have to do with football

    Gary Sterle

    Never question my grammatical skills. Defence is the American spelling, defense is the British spelling. Are you from UK?

    tufgbh w

    @Kenny Twiztid I’m*
    Your grammatical skills are shite.

    tufgbh w

    Guess you’re just mad because the browns are the worst team in football.

Troy Brewer

Hey Baker…in one of your your commercials you say “I gotta stop entertaining”…don’t worry bro…you have…STOP THROWING REDZONE PICKS!!!

    james baldwins

    I’m very entertained.. go RAVENS!

    Mr Mike

    Yeah Baker is not the franchise QB what a waste of money regardless of who coaches him we’re going to see the same results from here out

    Timothy Martin

    @james baldwins dumbass troll

    Landyn Dye

    Mr Mike ok buddy


Hell y’all coulda kept Hue Jackson and did this.


    @Chances Bail Bonds Romeo Crenell is not the answer. You need a coach like Baltimore has who will design an offense around a mobile QB. Like Urban Meyer

    Chilly Charles

    @Timothy Martin You’re a dumbass, tell me, what was Belichicks record with the Browns? Maybe the organization is just trash and the fans are fickle. Belichick had a 5-11 record with the Browns, was fired and hired by the Pat’s and won a SB 2 years later. Check Hue’s accomplishments as a Redskins, Bengals, Falcons and Ravens coach. Check his accomplishments as a Raiders HC he had the 4th highest rated offense in the AFC but he was still fired after the one year with an 8-8 record. Y’all some dumb mfers to think Kitchens is better than Hue. Cleveland deserves this team and record. I hope someone hires Hue and he wins a SB while the Browns stay trash.

    Chilly Charles

    @Kifo What was Belichick’s record with the Browns? The Cleveland Browns org will always make the wrong decisions. That’s a given.

    Chilly Charles

    @james baldwins Those Browns fans deserve what they always get. They dont even know the recipe for success. Belichick only had a 37-45 record with the Browns. His last season was 5-11. Even after a 5-11 season he was offered a job with NE and won a SB two years later. Maybe it’s the org that is sorry as hell.

    Chilly Charles

    @Kifo The Browns haven’t won more than 4 games in a season since 1995. Lol, but go ahead and blame it on Hue.

Dewayne Cooper

He gon cry in the car 4 sure

    Stan ezen

    I know I would lmao. He’ll cry to his wife after that

    Dewayne Cooper

    @Jeff Warren Anderson you gon cry in the comment section

Patrick J

The team will about this level UNTIL they finall fire freddie & get a non-yes man as coach. Mr full dorse wont do that.

Kevin Corcoran

Figure 10 more games and people will see how overrated he is




    Nick Chubb slipped thru the cracks, other then him, drafts have been horrible since 1999, yehh

Mark Wood

Hey “audio engineer”, if you happen to see this please buy yourself a few cans of DeoxIT D5 and spray every connection in sight. Thank you.

    Patrick Krott

    It sounds like there’s an input or preamp maxed out but with nothing actually coming into it

Terry Drake

I’m surprised he didn’t have a pack of cigarettes rolled up in his sleeve

    james baldwins

    That’s later.

    Siedia Woods


    Gavin Stutler

    Baker is a bum and he’s dressing like a bum.

    Kelly Levicky


    Peter Nik

    @Gavin Stutler He usually dresses really fine. He was not in the mood today.

Near Media

I knew it was bad news after the first drive from az. Absolutely no effort on defense and the offense followed. Sad times.

Dave3000 Dave3000

“Tell you more after we see the film”, sheesh what a loser. The hype was just that since last year!

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