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Cordarrelle Patterson: This is our job.

Wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson addresses the media following a Week 15 loss to the Green Bay Packers.

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The bears are a joke the packers will always be king

    Scott Mayfield

    you are king you had back to back losing seasons, and Rodgers has not looked good, one and done exit for sure

    I'm Awesome

    @Mason Wright man we wanted to be better this year

    OG Skywalker

    You know how it goes once they get paid they don’t show up lol

    Chicagoempire 91

    AGK927 any other franchise in the NFL would have more than one super bowl with Rodgers at QB


Head up for next season boys I’m being fr we have an absolutely amazing chance next year especially with our schedule next year

    Ryan Joseph

    Michael Ott NFC South, AFC South, Rams, and Redskins.


    Michael Ott I’ll just sum it up for you we are vs the AFC and NFC South than of course division rivals and depending on our last two games that’s how we will figure out the other two games but right now we will vs the Cowboys and the Eagles since we have 7-7 records

    Lamuel J Sackson

    @I’m Awesome not really they had one of the tougher schedules in the league… Nagy just fucked up the offense this year idk why he was trying to fix what wasn’t broke in the first place lol I bet if he had Tom Brady he’d but running a lot of QB keepers, options, sprint outs lol his game plans dont suit the personal

    I'm Awesome

    @Lamuel J Sackson so you had low expectations coming into this season?

Adrian uribe

Sucks to see this season is over but have high hope for next season


    I said that this year

    Lamuel J Sackson

    I’ll have high hopes when they get 5 new starting offensive linemen… and an actual NFL tight end.. oh yeah and replace Amukamara and Skrine… and also another OLB to play opposite of Mack

    Adrian uribe

    Lamuel J Sackson I agree with you 100% skrine does nothing for us and can make smart tackles I mean yesterday he was on the back of a packer and got carried in and TE is a must we can’t be relying on rookies late season to make these outstanding plays as of another support for Mack I was thinking tht too this year was a little slow for the defense I mean the still are dominant just not last year dominant

classical dame

Finish the season doing your job the best way you can.

Brady Mays

Why didn’t we have him in on the final play instead of horstead

    Blue Bird

    He was on the field on the last play….


Please resign with the Bears CP!

    Scott Mayfield

    the Bears have Patterson for another year, he was signed for a two year deal

    Andrew Z

    Yup he did. Good call

    Chicagoempire 91

    Scott Mayfield I thought it was a one year deal? Love this guy

    Scott Mayfield

    @Chicagoempire 91 nope its two years, we have him in 2020 as well

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    Andrew Z

    Hahahahhaa. Damn bro. About as true as it gets. It is really that bad isn’t it? Has the Packers D Coordinator just completely outsmarted Nagy ever appearance? David Montgomery was running the ball well and the Packers just stuff him everytime. I think the Packers staff prepares harder for the matchup.

Nico Davis

Vikings won we are done see ya next year

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Gonna be a long offseason

    Andrew Z

    Bears are still going to beat the Vikings yet this season with nothing to play for. Just to make a statement that they belong in the playoffs. They will treat it like Patterson said. Bears play their best ball against the Vikings.

JP Bear Down Fam!

Legendary! Go Bears!


Nagy’s play calling is killing this team No I formation, moving the pocket or Trubisky running more.

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Someone should tell him what Baltimore and Buffalo are doing with thier QBs who aren’t the greatest throwers .. I mean at least they try to find ways to make their QB and O successful instead of severely limiting them….

    Andrew Z

    I agree

    Andrew Z

    @Lamuel J Sackson Absolutely. Trubisky is very athletic. His decision making under pressure is terrible. I wish Tribisky was more like Kawhi Leonard under pressure.

Peter Madaffari

Great forced fumble from a great player on your punt coverage. It is a shame the ref robbed you of the moment. I wish the refs were as high a quality as the players they watch. SMH

    OG Skywalker

    Literally killed the momentum of the game but hey it’s greenbay your gonna get a phantom call when you play them especially if your a division rival just ask Detroit lmao


Really hope he becomes a lot more involved on offense and not just limited to special teams next season. Huge playmaker

Marquese Hickman

All the bears fans y’all team sorry

    Lamuel J Sackson

    Injuries.. yes every team has them but yeah it is what it is… Chicago doesn’t have great depth I mean it isnt like the Bears are getting destroyed every week.. They lost too many one score games this year that they won last and that’s the difference

Jamil Huertas

hardest worker on the team and it shows every time he’s out there

Johan Campos

He should try TE

Roc Boyz

Hope they keep CP next year

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