Matt LaFleur Lays Out the Bye Week Schedule & Previews the NFC Playoffs – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
tim Liddicoat

So when do we add Jordy Nelson?


    Adams is still our number one, but too many dropped TDs… but I will say I think Lazard is stepping up in key moments and looking a #2 going into the post!! Even that block he got in our game against the bears.but I looks like we are a “run first” team now. KC has to be the luckiest offense. Weapons everywhere

    k pham

    Jon Jonas cool bro! very cool!

    Jon Jonas

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    Dwayne Johnson

    and James Jones too


I pray one of our other receivers step up otherwise if the opposition stop davante we have no air game

    CEO fishing

    Lazard has potential to be true #2

    Tyki Mikk804

    Lazard is 2 n Rodgers don’t over throw over recievers

    Ronnie Hankins

    There was plenty of opportunity on Sunday! He just has to learn to check down more! Every time he checked down it was +yards


    Its more of Rodgers missing his target , he is overthrowing alot

    R Flatman

    @FD30 not that Rodgers foot work was text book but this year it had been especially off maybe Danica needs to take him out dancing

hey hey

Let’s hope Rodgers finds his arm!

robert brown

I miss Jordy and Cobb. Sure could use them now

    Evan Pricco

    93 Til Infinity Steez47 Nick Collins was cold


    Donald Driver and Greg Jennings


    Yea…. back then, we had an EXTREMELY solid receiving core!! I remember the spectacle of “James Jones with the hoodie”.. those were the years

    Richard Trudeau

    Should have kept Cobb 2 mote Years


He looked a little scared talking about Rodgers missed passes

    Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

    Sometimes you are better off moving past something for the sake of morale of the whole team


I hope we are ready for the Saints… Because I doubt the Viqueens will make it past them.

    Joe Shaloom

    Maybe the Vikings will score on a last second pass on a busted coverage again. 🤷‍♂️

Paulina Mayi

The year we lost to Denver in the SuperBowl we also beat them in the regular season by a lot.

    Robert Bish

    No, that wuz the year before (when we beat new England)


    Yeah, but that’s different. The way GB lost to the Niners was and is a clear distinction that the Niners is far superior to our “finesse” GB offense/Defense. We need another “bully” to beat our “bully”(49ers) –buttom line. Without a doubt, our GB will lose if we’re to played the 49ers or the Saints. I’d like for the Vikings to knock out the Saints and the 49ers(highly doubt that’s gonna happen). Sad to say it but I think we’re “one-and-done” team this season.

Josh Edmonds

twice…the 1st throw by Rodgers could’ve been a TD..and’s dropped

KingSmoov YT

Do they drug test coaches? Lol Lafleur eyes look like he just hit the blunt … but still .. GoPackGo

    Karen Hardie


Simeon Givens

Matt has the most calm & relax type of character of a coach i ever seen.

Hector Rodriguez

Matt is this year’s NFL coach of the year

    Joe Shaloom

    Kyle Shanahan, and it’s not even close.

    Cloud Strife

    @Joe Shaloom Not after the playoffs.

    robert linhart

    Tomlin, peyton, or pederson probably have the best shot at hcoty

TJ Nunez

I sure hope the Packers don’t play like they did when they played the 49ers after their bye week. Matt better remind his team about that!


    They played the chargers after the bye week but i get your point


    But remember.. when Dallas was 13-3 that 3 years ago, and the beat is in the regular season?? What happened in the post season? We won. Experience is real…

Ask About Socialism/ Ask About Inequality

Imagine someone throwing a ball 30 yards and it is off by literally 12 inches.

I think that is pretty reasonable tbh and it isnt like he was missing by a mile or throwing in to the dirt like Cam was


    Imagine being paid 30+ million to throw that ball and being off by a foot….

    Joshua Cornell

    Highest paid QB…

Grand Bull

Body language on the Rogers question tells all. AR needs to step up and be better.

David Carroll

There are great things happening on the team this year. I think we’re about to learn a lot in the playoffs about Matt’s ability to seize opportunities.

Zandrew Gaming

A.J Green would be a great addition. Was a top 3 receiver before getting some injuries, has great hands and is tall, exactly what we need for Rodgers. His age and injury concern should make his price a little bit cheaper and I think he would appreciate being on a winning team with a HOF QB having never won a playoff game in CIN. I think he didn’t play this year because there was nothing to play for and didn’t want to hurt his FA price if he got hurt again. Just look at his highlights and i promise you are sold!!

John Paul Rodriguez


Alen Phillips

Matt has a really great demeanor with how he listens and answers all of the questions sincerely and respectfully. Its really refreshing to have a coach like this in sports today. Nicely done.

Rai Price

Besides the lucky pick… hopefully Blake saw himself get shut down and unable to shed tackles and be a stud… like all year.

Emily Winters


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