Tramon Williams on earning bye: ‘A win-win for us all’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Packers 12

I love green bay

Tyler Hockaday

Go Pack Go!!!!!!!!

Adrian Elmore

Yes sirrr

Matthew Macias

les go


Go tramon👊


need you to give us a vintage playoff performance at lambeau in 2 weeks !

Josh M


Kiasia Johnson

Love tramon


Last answer was perfect

    Thomas Pick

    KingLoui007 Brrrr!

Thomas Pick

Yeah, never apologize for a win, but what about the near heart attacks you are giving your fans every week (who ultimately, buy the tickets to pay your salary)? With Rodgers having a shaky passing arm, we need you, the defense, to score some points. I request you have more pick-sixes and safeties. Let’s set a new Ice Bowl record at Lambeau this January 2020. Let’s shoot for minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Let’s see some real suffering out there on the field and in the stands. If you want to be great, you have to earn it. This would earn you near eternal respect.

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