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jannes tiemes

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CL Evo

*dont do drugs kids*


    CL Evo yeah u don’t do drugs

    CL Evo

    Tripp Mangifesta ok rlly lol


    CL Evo this is perfect. I like the picks.


    Just they said your team gonna lose doesn’t mean they wrong lmaoooo

Anas Hussain

I’m a redskins fan but I live in md so I hope Ravens win it

jeremiah mays

Baltimore Ravens are gonna to win


    jeremiah mays bang bang




Eagles lmao

    Andrew S.

    Yeah Seahawks vs 49ers rematch is going to be lit in the Jan

    Tariq Ginkinger

    Don’t count the birds out

    I Steal people durags and sell it back to them

    Vylox.mp4 don’t can’t birds 🦅 out cuz

    Joe Berenguer

    Vylox.mp4 yeah what a joke. Dude exposed himself in like 30 seconds. Boooooo

Xander Pope

Wtf eagles beat seahawks hahaha

    Matt From Wii Sports

    It actually happen

Bill V

Eagles over Seahawks?

    Tariq Ginkinger

    Yeah eagles will win

    Left Turn Productions [LTP]

    I think so. Seahawks have been playing like garbage lately

    Jarrett Caradine

    Left Turn Productions [LTP] just remember we have only took one loss on the road this season

    Bill V

    Left Turn Productions [LTP] quandre diggs coming back plus a healthier clowney vs a very banged up eagles team? And we almost beat the number one seed in the nfc? I don’t think so.

    Bill V

    Tariq Ginkinger definitely not.

Drew Brees #9

Lmfao how are we going to lose to the 49ers? 🤣🤣

    Young Nola

    We have a whole different defense now lol Jenkins and more

    Ø.G DeRrIcK

    Drew Brees #9 exactly jimmy g will choke


    Young Nola niners will have tartt, Ford and maybe Kwon Alexander back

    An angry Jets Fan

    Young Nola Jenkins is mediocre now

    Plus 49ers will get tartt and Ford back by that time

Mclovin v7

Hopefully the SAINTS don’t let you know what happen to them again


Eagles to beat Seahawks, wtf are you talking about my brother..

    Bill V

    I Steal people durags and sell it back to them wassup? Throw the 40$

    Matt From Wii Sports

    It could happen

    Tariq Ginkinger

    Does anybody remember when the eagles won the Super Bowl? They were underdogs every game. Don’t count the birds out

    Fly eagles Fly 🦅


    Y’all don’t watch football y’all think that the Seahawks are gonna win cause the eagles have practice squad wrs they wanna win more then the Seahawks

Matthew S

I’m dying bro they had the eagles beating the Seahawks

    Drew Ward

    Eagles have home field advantage so I wouldn’t be talking

    Barrett McFarland

    Seatle on losing streak

    Suger Donuts

    Seahawks are not as good as people think they they are i think philly could honestly win easily

    Travis Stoudt

    I agree and not just because I’m a Eagles fan I do think the Eagles will win the Eagles have won 4 straight

snowyy 12

Seahawks are for sure goin to beat eagles… JUS SAYING

    Samurai _ Official

    snowyy 12 fax


    Lol nope.

    Alex Kroll

    snowyy 12 think you’re gonna pound the rock and win because of that

    Aiden Burrell


Kavin Sathiyan

eagles beat the seahawks?
weirdest thing i’ve heard this DECADE

    daniel preece

    They beat the giants didn’t they and that my friend takes some doing

    Matt From Wii Sports

    It could very likely happen


    Kavin Sathiyan I’m almost sure that the eagles will win.

    Kavin Sathiyan

    @daniel preece beating giants takes some doing? they’re 4-12

    Nature Boy

    Wanna hear weird things just say eagles Philly special 2#- wince wins SB.


The only match up I want to see is Baltimore vs. NE, and neither of these guys think it will happen 😱


    it will

    Blackthorn 461

    cbenmichael why? The ravens would destroy them. They probably aren’t even making it to the afc championship.

NBA Whiteboy

Yeah Philadelphia’s playing good they’re very hot man they’re so good they beat teams with very bad records let’s give them lol don’t do drugs 😂


    Remeber we beat some good teams when we were on the road

NBA Whiteboy

Seahawks beat the eagles earlier and Russell Wilson a terrible still beat them LMAO 😂


I just hope we get new coaches 🙂

post peel

Saints vs Chiefs? Didn’t see that coming

    Odirley C.R.

    Should have been last year

    Gamer King

    @Odirley C.R. yep still agitates me as a chiefs fan

    post peel

    @Odirley C.R. True

Andrew Nguyen

Eagles beat Seahawks 😂


Come on bro, they’re sleeping on my hawks!

    Elliott Wootton

    Yeah, don’t worry. We will shock the world bro

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