Matt LaFleur Is Excited About The Packers’ Future – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Jay 4L

First comment 😁

Beast Slayer

After this season I officially have PTSD from seeing a 49ers logo

    Crazy Mixture

    How do you think I feel… my dad has been a 49ers fan since Montana and any time I visit him or something he’s always wearing something 49ers.


    First it was Seattle now it’s the Niners. We’re @SF again next year. Hopefully third times the charm.

Daniel Cha

this season was like the 2009 season, we didn’t have all the pieces but we were close. we need a stronger front 7 and more depth of weapons and then the 2010 2.0 packers will be complete

    Eric Harris Sr

    Daniel Cha facts

    The Great Shredman

    Feels meant to be that we’ll be in the super bowl exactly 10 years later


    I really hope this is very much like 2009 going into 2010!

Alen Phillips

A true professional. Congratulations coach and team. Amazing year!!

Troll of 229: Ant the variable

Heck yeah. I mean I’m proud of the effort especially. Ngl it was hard watching them exploit our biggest weakness over and over. It was demoralizing to fall that far behind ya know. But there’s a lot to learn and grow from.

    Thefriday Drawings

    Troll of 229: Ant the variable you guys sck honesstly yu had an easy season

    Sub Pls

    Thefriday Drawings Vikings ?

    Sub Pls

    Thefriday Drawings the then cowboys?

    Sub Pls

    Thefriday Drawings chiefs?

    M R

    @Thefriday Drawings go take your half a brain cell somewhere else


Go get Wade Phillips maybe? I think their gonna go big in FA this offseason.

Troll of 229: Ant the variable

Not bad year 1, eh coach?

Rodney Martin

I got a weird feeling, packers are going to shock everybody in the draft and select QB Jake Fromm, Georgia Bulldog, with the 30th pick. Did you all see the smile, he was trying to hide when Tom Silverstein asked him about getting his own Quarterback? How ironic would that be

    J D

    Maybe dont know but rodgers still has a couple of years left in him what greenbay needs is WR

    Rodney Martin

    @J D I agree with you, but Rodgers don’t like developing rookies, this was obvious the past two season, I think that if they continue to build on the defense and the running game, they can win without him…just look at the niners…but another number 1 receiver paired with Adams will never hurt, so your point is valid.


We went to the NFC Championship game with a rookie head coach and super young defense. Nothing to be ashamed of. Just hope we never have to play the 49ers again.

    Crazy Mixture

    During our regular season 2020 we have another road game against them so yeaaahhh…..

    Diego Gurrola

    49ers will regress like the Bears

    Quinterrious Kelly

    Don’t worry they will fall off next season

Alex Saab

Helluva start coach! Go Pack Go!

michael dillard

The packers went from a 6-9-1 team to a 13-4 team that was able to go to the championship game. Add a few pieces and draft a few pieces and you will be back to the super bowl next year.

Esoteric Packer

Is it September yet ?

Matthew Brooks

Only 8 passes from the niners . Who was calling the defense!? I hope we get someone better than this for next season.

Melissa Cassell

Well I feel different. I’m excited for our team next season. Green Bay Packers will come back even stronger. 💛💚💛💚

Jamie Nolastname

I love you coach

Rick Morrow

Thank you for a great season Matt La Fleur with the Green Bay Packers. Look forward to next season.

geoff dearth

They did knock off the Seahawks. Worth mentioning.


Respect to our coach, we need more hungry players more physical

Bryon Myers

Should have kept Jeff Janis. Guaranteed Super Bowl victory

Bob Oso

Pack need to go after Jadeveon Clowney. Imagine that in the front?

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