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2019 Season Takeaways | Packers Daily

Mike Spofford takes a look at some takeaways from Sunday’s NFC Championship as well as the season in this edition of Packers Daily.

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matthew palmeter



Go pack go


Packers surprised me get Rodgers some help at receiver

    aaron berhane

    NFLDFS Payback TV we need some run stoppers too

    Killer Champion

    We got a wr on the way

darkthunder 16

Im not mad at all about this season, it was 🔥🔥🔥🔥 but hopefully we get to the super Bowl next year!!!

Alen Phillips

Love it. Optimistic words from the greatest.

Levi Anderson

How many NFC Championship losses do we have with Favre and Rogers? This is out of hand.

    aaron berhane

    Levi Anderson yeah never realized that


Defense played scared. Adams need help.


Softest team in the league


    Not softest but we played for the pass all season. If we can get some coveragr from out linebackers in base defense situations itll keep 7 n the box and still give us a chance to play the pass

    Killer Champion

    You must be talking about the Bengals

Simple X.

Get Rodgers another quality WR and a decent TE and I believe the offense will be set. Need more speed.


    I honestly believe we need another rb… A power back and use aaron jones as a change of pace back. Definitely need another wr tho and using a first round on that is a must.


I love yall…Go Pack Go

Daniel Cha

interesting to see the additions this offseason, some held in the run defense and help in the skill players shouldn’t be a tall task, perfect with this deep draft

Back The Blue

The fact the Packers made it as far as they did, is amazing. As a huge fan, I’m not disappointed about this year. It was a huge success! However… I don’t understand why the pack wasn’t more prepared against the 49ers?

Melissa Cassell

You guys did and had an amazing season. I just love my guys.💚💛💚💛


“Number 12 broke the record for post season passing touchdowns with 2 touchdowns surpassing Brett Favre with 39”


Isidro Medina

I still love my packers

Isidro Medina

Thank you my packers for a lot of happiness of every victory some day we will win another super bowl but I love watching your games and I will be very happy if we win another super bowl


We need to get Rodgers atleast 1 more ring. I say we get a WR from free agency, get rid of Allison and Graham, keep Mercadies Lewis, and stack up on inner D-Lineman

    Eric S

    Rashan gary?


    @Eric S What about him?

    Eric S

    Why wasnt he moved around to try and stuff run while rushing passer? He should of been acclimated more

Calesha Westbrooks

Need tightends, linebackers, and receivers

Ben Stockings

Maybe the end for Pettine? Also we need physicality and speed at ILB

Eric S

Auburn football and green bay the best fabases

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