This Super Bowl literally got me foaming at the mouth. I hope it lives up to the expectations.

    Msg Artist

    I don’t think u should be foaming out the mouth bruh💯😂

    Wtf Youtube

    Spidey7747 it’s gonna be a 6-3 49ers victory. It’s gonna be boring.


    They never do

    A Fucking Bird

    You should go to the hospital

    Keymuandre Abdallah

    @Fizzgig ?? Hahahaha

Kevin Hernandez Jimenez

Teams with a top two defense are 15-5 😳😳😳

    The Life Expert

    @Kskull we already got a ring we finna have a rolex

    Justin Allen

    Baltimore 💪💪💪

    Justin Allen

    @James Kelley Baltimore 💪 💪💪 Ed Reed T Suggs Ray Lewis Anquon Bolden Torry Smith Flacco before he was a scrub Steve Smith Sr. Could go on and on why that team was filthy

    Justin Allen just going to leave this here for Anyone who thinks the Chiefs had the number one offense in the league spoiler alert there the 5th ranked offense still a top 10 but not number 1

    James Kelley

    @Justin Allen and ur talking about the Chiefs choking.

The Faithful One

Damn as a 49er Faithful this has been a roller coaster 6 years. Lost Harbaugh and just about all our great players from that 2011-2013 span. Joe Staley been a loyal one. Aside from that, we had to deal with Tomsula, Chip Kelly, and then got Shanahan. Jed York lost his brother, Solly T. his sister, CJ Beathard his brother, now we are in the big one for all those who lost loved ones. The Faithful are family and we got each other’s back. Looking forward to what Shanahan and Lynch have planned for this amazing team. Shout out to my fellow Niner family, love you guys. 💯🌁🏈🙏❤️

    R Garcia

    Oh man, I almost forgot about Tomsula, the mouth breather

    A Fucking Bird

    “The Faithful” thought their team was going 9-7. A lot of people hopped on the bandwagon. Nice to see an actual fan that’s been through the rough. As a Hawks fan, I’m happy that our team is winning because we used to suck.

    A Fucking Bird

    @Spencer Nguyen He got a ring already


    Hell yea brother

    The Faithful One

    PNW_PsilocybeJedi where’s the proof on that statement?


*I think the red team is gonna win.*

    Colin Barlow

    Mr. Penguin Montana played for both teams

    Dustin Townsend

    The 49ers will be wearing white and the Chiefs will be wearing home gear.

    Crimson Dawn

    @Moss Linden they are blk

    Crimson Dawn

    @Freddy Perez that’s not a color

    Crimson Dawn

    @J Runn that’s not a color

Don’t Copy My Style

Every time I see a comment tht say first.. I automatically think they must hv been last in everything in life..😩🤷🏽‍♂️

    Nick Johnson

    Big facts. Every time I see a kid who does that I think: “What did his parents do to him? Poor guy 😬” lmao

    Elvir Doko

    Don’t Copy My Style I usually give them a 🏆

    Don’t Copy My Style

    Nick Johnson 😭

    Moe Snert

    Stupid YouTube culture

    Alberto Abarzua

    Finally someone said it!


Imagine caring about the halftime show lol

    Spencer Grice

    imagine actually watching this video lol

    Im Batman

    People who don’t like football

    Nick Big Mann

    @royalrod _ now if only Shakira was performing in a thong bikini. !!!




    I never really did but this is the first time in my life that I’ve seen my Chiefs in the super bowl so I’ll be glued to the screen for 4 hours


49ers win 34 – 26

    A A

    It will be worse than that. More like 42 – 14.

CnG 1

Where’s the probowl game preview 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Michon Sabb

    Who cares about the pro bowl it’s not a real game it doesn’t mean anything

    SkankHunt 42

    @Michon Sabb some people do

    SkankHunt 42

    @Ariella Kherrington some people do

    Beanie Monster

    That game is usually very disappointing

Breakglass Dawkins

Stats: according to

Total defensive sacks (post and regular season)

49er – 57
Chiefs – 53

Offense rank:

49ers – #7
Chiefs – #3

Defense rank:
49ers – #1
Chiefs – #9

According to

Strength-of-schedule ranking:

49ers: #10
Chiefs: #6

    Nicky K

    I would like to add that the Chiefs had a way easier season than the 49ers did


    Strength of schedule is skewed. You can’t compared last year’s records for this season. Many good teams last year sucked this season. If you just go based off good teams this year alone, 49ers definitely have a tougher schedule. KC in a weak division and played weak teams this year, aside from 2-3 good teams.

    Justin Allen

    @Daniel Hernandez 32 Exactly its all wrong look it up SF has the #2 Ranked Offense and #1 or #2 Ranked defense (Can’t remember)

    R Garcia

    There’s no way the Chiefs SOS was tougher than the 49ers this year


    Kevin Hobbs niners literally blew out each team this post season

Completely Epix

For some reason when I close my eyes I can’t see?

    Omar Awadeh

    Completely Epix it’s a glitch, close the app then try again, if that doesn’t work then press: R2, L2, A, 1, Z on nunchucks, and Square

    Ketan Mukherjee

    @I BLEED GIANTS BLUE nah the devs have been pretty lazy recently


    Bro same

    vLymz YT

    Just try resetting them that should work

King Metto

Even after this great analysis I still can’t decide who I think will win,it’s just to close.I will say I think this will be one of the greatest Super bowls of all time by far,can’t wait!

    John DoMoe

    Try being a fan of one of these teams


    John DoMoe lol me

    Chaos gaming

    John DoMoe niners fan since Jeff Garcia. This is the most nervous I’ve been since Ba vs SF

    John DoMoe

    @Chaos gaming born in 92 and was born into a niner family I really never had a choice lol

    LazyGamingPanda 28

    John DoMoe Being a Chiefs fan is hard we always impress but then disappoint but I think this year is our year

Sports Fan until the end

My team didn’t make it, so I’m impartial.

I just want it to be a great game.

This definitely has the potential.

DM 65

It’s literally like Strength vs Strength and Weakness vs Weakness with how little both teams have

    Jose Arevalo

    did you watch the video? Niners offense is not weak

Luis Flores

Here’s my prediction.
No 7th ring for Brady…

    Jeremy Stillwell

    Don’t jinx it he’s gonna make some moves in the off season

    David Zakaryan

    Yeah, and I suppose it will be first ring for Mayfield this season

    Jody Watkins

    I, love it!

Tyren Crafton

This is the Superbowl to make up for last year’s disaster

    Justin Allen

    @Cool Eddie14 Rams Patriots was the most boring Superbowl EVER that’s my opinion though

    Cool Eddie14

    @Justin Allen right hey i get it. I understand. 🌚💬😅😭®

    A A

    What disaster? It was a great game, and a great win by the Patriots.

    Justin Allen

    @Cool Eddie14 My problem was it didn’t even seem like LA was trying I like defensive games as I was a defensive player but damn it was just so stale I think part of it though is I expected more so was let down

Frederick Fritzsche

Honestly, this feels like the best SB matchup in a long time. Two really great teams who are also both hot at the right moment. I hope and expect it to be a close and intense game

Mo49 Alshaif

It’ll be close but I think the niners can find a way to win. Totally am not biased at all .

Though the Chiefs are a whole lot not dangerous. I still got my niners winning 31-24.


    Definitely biased lmao

    A Fucking Bird

    You are biased

    Omar YAHU

    That entire response made no sense… “not bias” “my niners” “Though the Chiefs are a whole lot not dangerous.”
    I forgive you… it must be a ESL thing.

218 Quondo

I’m With The 49ers

    A A

    49ers are a lot better than the Chiefs on paper.


    @A A that is a fact

    218 Quondo

    A A I have to much faith in 49ers defense

Lawrence Lejay

This Super Bowl will be more exciting than last year’s Super Bowl Pats vs Rams that one put me to sleep

    Gresham White

    @Jasinto Samora You would rather watch three and outs all game instead of electrifying and exciting plays?


    If I knew it would be that lame I would’ve watched the puppy bowl instead.

    Lawrence Lejay

    @Carson Wendt Jared Goff played scared instead of playing to win. Rams defense was awesome but at halftime I fell asleep.

    5xNFLMVP PeytonManning

    Only real football fans enjoy a good ol fashion defensive battle.

    Lawrence Lejay

    @Cubertral 😂😂

Realsteal 360

“Offense for great hair, Defense against flakes”

    A Fucking Bird

    That’s what this match is😂😂

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