Matt LaFleur’s Wrap-Up Remarks | Packers Unscripted – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Matt LaFleur’s Wrap-Up Remarks | Packers Unscripted

Mike and Wes discuss Head Coach Matt LaFleur’s season-ending press conference, including his thoughts on the team’s opportunities to improve (4:19), the evolution of the offense (7:01), his self-reflections (9:10), and the potential new obstacles the Packers may encounter that they didn’t this past year (12:51).

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Mac Sauce

Listen to every episode. Y’all will be missed

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Ima do two

Brett farve like
Aaron Rodgers comment

Sub Pls

Ima do two

Aaron Rodgers like
Brett farve comment

M z

Packers LB coach Mike Smith stated after the draft that he had graded Rashan Gary higher than Nick Bosa. We all know now that he either lied about Gary or he really misjudged.


Man, I can’t wait until next season. GO PACK GO

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