Matt LaFleur First Head Coach To lead Packers To Postseason In 1st Year | Daily – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Yeah let’s go Packers. A little less lip LaFleur…we wanna see some action this time. GoGreenBay# GetLoudLambeau# NFL#

    Zavion Edwards

    Mikeyboy go pack go

Auto pilot 001

John is really killing it with the media team, glad to see it

    Eric S

    War eagle

Malonprowl66 Hec

I’m no expert of NFL ,coz im an Aussie, but i say M LaFleur is the coach of this season,

Hector Rodriguez

Matt Lefuler Is this year’s NFL 2019 coach of the year.
Heading to the playoffs in his first season
Undefeated in the NFC north 6-0

Lil L

Go Pack go!

777d7777 777d7777

“I am gonna be honest with these guys and be my own person”
Words have never been this truthful
Lets beat the hawks
Go Pack Go!!!!



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