Lambeau Field Advantage, New Packers In Playoffs, & Pressuring Russell Wilson | Three Things – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Billy Spencer


Malonprowl66 Hec

As I use to say to the young ones , Just relax injoy it & keep it simple . & it’s a little bit quicker than home & away games ..thats in Aussie rules footy,, i’m sure it’s the same in NFL .. GO PACK GO ,,



Hector Rodriguez

Number one Packers defense needs to wake up and smell the coffee and stop Russell Wilson’s offense.
Number 2 Need to score more points than less
Number three the offense of lineman needs to be better protect Rogers blindside

Emiano Campos

Vamos Go pack Go


If i have a tasty brat before the game, then they will win.


3 things win, win, win!!!

James Barlow

If Wes were one of these guys it would be “3 Guys With 46.5 Things” lol

777d7777 777d7777

Great job guys as always
Go Pack Go!!!!

John Wayne Everett

OK I AM HAPPY NOW Larry your little finger left hand same here buddy …hit the helmet for me ……i knew we be the same make up …..go team go…

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