Aaron Rodgers Discusses Facing The Seahawks At Lambeau – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Donut _

Prove all the haters wrong

    Giovanni Avella

    Donut _ y’all the favorites lol




    Yes prove the haters wrong! Go Hawks!

Daniel Cha

2014 Rodgers: RELAX
2016 Rodgers: we can run the table
2019 Rodgers: yeet

    Giffond Hall

    No chance


    2019: Aron Roger

Fosta Boy

Shock the world please

    Dj Diddles

    They will and the whole world will be talking about them! Go pack go!

    Aki F.

    Aren’t they favored to win?

Reuben Hernandez

At Lambo No legion of boom and no high school Refs Like our chances GO PACK GO

    Reverse Snipes

    But the Seahawks are one of the best road teams

    Mark Marfo

    First name Russell first name Wilson

    Tony Angelo

    52 players not 4-5 bud.

TJ Nunez

Would like to see the old Rodgers putting up 350 plus yards & 3 – 5 touchdowns. Yeet.

    Daniel Keyser

    More like 6 TDs in the first half!!!

    Wisconsin Rail Productions

    TJ Nunez where does he say that?


    @Daniel Keyser man that would hush alot of people up and the defense doesn’t make it a shoot out


    Me too. Hopeful but….???


    They are a run first team now and he lacks the weapons on this team

yaunclerico nigga

“The rest of that stuff is for people to sit around a desk and talk about who they like the best” shots fired at all the morning sports shows lol

    Donald Davenport

    Strongly agreed

    David DeMeuse

    Undisputed haha

    Josh Thomas

    Don’t forget to add the grin he had on his face when he said it. Haha.

Malonprowl66 Hec

No so called expert thought GB to be in the play off’s , ended up 13-3 . now with the best QB in the NFL in, Now are they waiting to see them flop out ,, I bet the GOAT will drive Packers to SUPER BOWL. & shove it up them .. GO PACK GO from Malcolm ,Perth, Western Australia

    Donald Davenport

    He’s just going to prove them wrong they picked against the Packers all year now they the worst 13-3 team I wanna see their faces when we beat the brakes off Seattle

    Tylor Severns

    Christopher Johnson I was just about to say that lol I told the guys at work 14-2

    Donald Davenport

    @Tylor Severns we gonna make em believe in us GO PACK GO


Lets show the league what the “Worst 13-3 team of all time” can do! Go Pack Go 🧀

    King Jay

    I’d really love to know where they get this worst 13-3 team from yeah we struggle with offense but we capitalized and executed like a team should do most importantly we helped each other out and played as a team to win maybe cause we didn’t play like the saints or somebody idk it’s strange to me that they would think that anyways we need to be focused, healthy, and fired up for this match come sunday night it’s time to fight and strive for our championship rodge and the offense will get it running along with Jones and Williams our talented and fierce defense will create pressure, sacks, and turnovers and battle against these seattle sellouts greatness is on the way for us go pack go!!!!!!!!

    Reverse Snipes

    I kinda like that nick name. But bringing a super bowl trophy back home will make the name sound better

Ke'J Reed

I will shut the world off for this game

go pack go 💚 💛 💚 💛

    Casey D.

    I do for every packers game lol

    Stephanoe Wilks

    Ke’J Reed Me Too

    Angela TheTrueVirgo

    I am period as always!! 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

Antonio Herrera

Let’s go packers

Trenton Blackwelder

Media: The Packers are the worst 13-3 team in the NFL

Saints: Hold my beer

    Berken Billimon


    t narksi

    Everybody said Green Bay wasted Rogers prime years nobody said New Orleans wasted Brees prime years

    Paul Smith

    Trenton Blackwelder packers only lucked out with the bye week, otherwise they would be out rn

    Matthew B.

    @Orthodox Theory fizzgig is literally on every video just trashing the packers and rodgers, just a hater

Rodriguez Manuel

Since 92 when I was ten idgaf I always felt that every year was our year.. just execute!!!!! Have fun!!! Let get another ring Aaron! Mannn I love my football team!!!! Ffs!!!!!

    Reverse Snipes

    I’ve always felt the same way

    Angela TheTrueVirgo

    Preach baby!! 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛

Kiasia Johnson

Aaron has the best personality ever ❤️

David Rodriguez

Come on AROD be sharp everyone else will follow

    Chris Cathey

    They win this week and lose to San Francisco for the second time🤣

matt bertrand

Aaron, just have fun. Loosen up and let it rip. When #12 is smiling, the rest of the league trembles with fear.

Random Blitz

“Huge black dude with dreads” haha

    Random Blitz

    Kiasia Johnson yea he mentioned that before about z lol

    Reverse Snipes

    I always get surprised when white people actually say “black guy” they usually dance around it but respect for him saying it😂


    Reverse Snipes Aaron Probably has the N word pass 😂😂

    Matthew B.

    @Reverse Snipes I always say black guy, especially when trying to say something funny about black people. Just like ppl say white people.

Daniel Keyser

I like how Rodgers said 8 teams left. Let’s get it!!!

Jonathan Lamb

I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of SPECIAL PLAYS!!

Greenbay backer

This guy is my Quarterback 😢 *T.O. voice*

    Angela TheTrueVirgo

    Sure Is!! 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚💛


Hoping for a deep playoff run this year lets get that Super Bowl

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