Jamaal Williams Knows Seattle’s Defense is Hungry With A Lot of Energy – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Reai Gauge

Little Shukaku lol


Never change


Naruto fans represent 😤😤😤😤

    aaron berhane

    EliteGaming 😤


The Packers better make the Super Bowl this year so we can see more Jamaal interviews during media week. He gives the best answers 😂

    Scout 805

    Slow ur role sports fan!
    It’s one game at a time!
    And the SB ain’t the next game!
    Go Pack!

Kiasia Johnson

I missed him 😂

    aaron berhane

    Kiasia Johnson same lol

Malonprowl66 Hec

Stay loose MAN, run onto the field then explode JAMAAL …GO PACK GO

Karthik Bobba

SHUKAKU and Gaara of the Sand

aaron berhane

I love how he embraces anime respect


One thing I love about Jamal is that he doesnt care if hes the star he just loves his team and loves football hopefully he gets some action this week

David Dopkins

I love this guy , I hope he never changes and never leaves Green Bay.


He looks like he could be a cartoon character. Love his personality.

Chris Preymak

According to women twirling their hair it’a sign that they like a man

Edgar Gallegos

Best freaking Attitude man!!! Jamaal Williams . 👹 GET THAT MASTERY The Next HOKAGE

Greenbay backer

The best interview in GB locker room! Love the naruto reference 😂

Nathaniel Martin

Yooo I played catch with you Jamall!!!!

Jonathon Lee

I love how my packers aren’t underestimating any teams this year. GoPackGo

Jerrod Keller

Interviews with him just bring me joy. He’s the best!

Freddy Cuba

We need u 2 step up big my boy Jamal let’s get that W ! We need to give u some touches sometimes u and aron jones feed off ech other !

mark Jackman

I love his interviews 💚💛💚

Kevin Gonzalez

this dude a fool 😂😂😂😂

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