Bryan Bulaga Says It Doesn’t Matter How They’ve Played Up To Now, ‘It’s A New Season’ – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Ezra Knaack

First go pack go YEET

Chris Liggett the tree fella

💛💚Go PACK Go💚💛

tanner torguson

Why does it always look like he has a fat chew in?



    Ryan Gindhart

    tanner torguson because he has one in lol

    Zachary Overlien

    Because he actually does have one in 😄

Ryan Gindhart

Bulaga belongs in the HOF one day and at the very least he WILL be in the packers HOF

Alexander Raffini's Space Engine Chill and Sounds

Resign please!

Seth Brakke

Bryan has had a great season. Go Pack Go! Beat the SeaCHICKENS

rob x



openyoureyesandseethefuture GLM

is this guy so freekin big….. is he shaking the room moving the camera?

Vintage Vitamin J



Bryan talk just like Rodgers🤔 😂💀

cliff luebke

Almost pointless if you can’t hear the question

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