Matt LaCosse’s TD Grab Caps 11-Play Drive – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Matt LaCosse’s TD Grab Caps 11-Play Drive

The Patriots drive 70 yards downfield and finish with an 8-yard touchdown pass from Tom Brady, tying Peyton Manning's NFL record for 2nd-most career touchdowns. The Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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NFL Bills Patriots

Ajax attacks

First and Gg

Ricardo Masvidal

Why does the NFL hate us and put this on NFL network that nobody has!!!

    Roberto Guajardo

    It’s called buffstreams you uneducated BUM

    Jack Lambert

    I have it and my cable bill is only $300 a month. Oh crap! time to “cut the cord” I guess.



    Joe Mama


    Cater Dig

    Get the app bud👍


Cant even stream it on the NFL fantasy app wth

    Dewitt McDidditt

    I think it’s because it’s NFL FANTASY my dude. It’s fantasy, so that means you gotta use your imagination.

    DUBBZZ _223

    Dewitt McDidditt 😂

    Victor Ov

    @Dewitt McDidditt bahaha

Kalin Hall

Great blocking oline

Anthony Pinkney

The problem with bills don’t got no offense

Phillip Watkins

🖕🏿NFLN. 👎🏿

    Ricky Parmar

    Spend less on KFC
    Then you cam afford it bro.

Titan Master Race

He taller than gronk we need to use him more

    Tony Scott

    He’s actually the same height as Gronk


Why channel we dont have wtf

    Diego Mendoza

    It’s not on TV it’s on the damn NFL app

    Mathew Lagueux

    @Diego Mendoza it’s on NFL Network or CBS for local people

Matt Veteska

Brady is babe Ruth Michael Jordan Wayne Gretzky’ molded into one !


That TE is underrated

    Day Be Trippin

    No he aint, he’s garbage

    RAPID 24

    To you I see potential

    Day Be Trippin

    @RAPID 24 if you say so lol

John Natale

BS that we can’t see this game or any other game today! WTF ?


    MRTUPAC 28 wow we get it you have nfl network, but I don’t think anyone actually cares but you😂

    Kenneth lovelace

    look up nflbite


    Reddit bro

    Fgg Vgbbb

    You got no life sit there and watch a 3 hour game

Joey Navarro

NFL network needs to be free

Diego Mendoza

Should have put this and the other Saturday games on TV and not the damn app

    Obinna Nwakwue

    They did…it was on NFL Network, I could watch it

    Tyler G

    Obinna Nwakwue yeah apparently these dregs can’t afford it

Eric Brown

LaCosse was about to drop that!!! Ahhhh

Matthew Gehring

First touchdown as a Patriot for Lacosse 💪 #PatsNation

Jeff Simoneau

It really sucks that this game isn’t on a major network.

YourOwnFaultNow -

Am I the only one here that’s able to watch the game as a bills fan !!!??

Joshua Ivery

I can’t even watch this game today but it looks like I might have to download the NFL Network app and watch it instead

Dr Beyonder

When are we gonna let Damien Harris get some burn


    Dr Beyonder when Burkhead hits free agency next season

jayden mouton

Patriots won 24-17

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