Josh Allen & the Bills Tie It Up Before Halftime! – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Josh Allen & the Bills Tie It Up Before Halftime!

Josh Allen completes two big passes to Dawson Knox and Dion Dawkins, including a touchdown to tie the game before the half. The Buffalo Bills take on the New England Patriots during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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how this happen


    Well the patriots weren’t able to steal any calls so they just a regular team now

    Mark Michalek

    @WiperHunter that was pi that wasn’t called lol

    Pat K

    @Mark Michalek How tf is that pi. That was clear separation. He had like a yard if separation


    @Mark Michalek You dumb af

freddy and foxy

Congrats to the big man


“The bills did nothing in the first half” lmao commentator is petty


    I mean he ain’t wrong

    donald deluxe

    Like all Boston announcers.

    Charles Han

    donald deluxe it’s Mike Tirico don’t disrespect him like that… he’s no Boston commentator

    donald deluxe

    Charles Han I meant most, but those most announcers in Boston really do need to shut up when dirty hits are involved. Talking to you bruins announcers when defending Marchand.


    Mike is a nice guy and he did an interview with One Bills Live this week too.

Eduardo Antonio Rodriguez Uzcategui

Bufalo bills saludos from trinidad and tobago ..

Jay Stiles

Buffalo wild wings still got some sauce in them still

    wisc cheese

    Yea but they give you a stomach ach if u bite

Andrew Fischbach

And patriots fans were already saying the game was over

    oliver sizzle

    @Cater Dig LOL You said they weren’t that good! Well looks like they’re good enough to beat the bills *AGAIN* and win the division *AGAIN* now all you got is whining they didn’t win by 40! *LOLOLOLOLOL* Don’t cry.

    Joey Hessleton

    The Patriots won. Disappear, scumbag.


That guy Josh Allen got some guts.

Roberto Hernandez Jr


    Braiden F. 716

    Roberto Hernandez Jr well it’s Pats what can you expect

    Roberto Hernandez Jr

    @Braiden F. 716 that’s not what I was talking about lol.

Zach Wells

The cowboy slinging it

Blackthorn 461

As a chiefs fan. Bills please win!


    Everyone is rooting for them!

    Mark Symbala

    they Won’t

    Michael Machado

    Uhhh ?? Nooooo !!!!

    Luke Connors

    Well they didn’t they could have gotten another td to tie the game but they had to mess up

    Day Be Trippin


Bruh_ Skii702

Free kodak aye


Cmon Bills.

Nunya Beeswax

This Tennessee boy loves the Bills.

Juan Higareda

73 got a Christmas gift

AC Davis

I’d like the NFL for what they’ve been doing and they’ve done a tremendous job for all the NFL playoffs this is a C Davis this is my daughter by the NFL thank you and have a great year

DP Urlacher

Pats Fans: Go Pats!

Everyone else in the nation: Go Bills!

Michael Machado

Another division? And another bye as usual from the New England


Where was the pass interference flag!

    Conor O'Brien

    Bill time stamp and player number?


    Conor O’Brien 0:27 #23


Once cheaters always cheaters

Robert Erlandson

Patriots aren’t untouchable at home anymore

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