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Burkhead Is A Dawg.

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    #WeHoopin #WeHoopin

    @Novitec Ep yup


    He played hard in this one. Edelman is a tiny beast as well. Go pats!

Tim Porter

Hey Buffalo, keep throwing to Knox! It drives me crazy that they aren’t trying to use him more. He’s awesome.

    jon john

    he has alot of dropped passes this season

    rob hub

    knox dropped alot of balls tho


I am a pats fan but respect to the bills. The D is legit and they are a very good team. They will be a very difficult wild card opponent

    Dillan Ponis

    @Corey Jesus this comment killed me haha “Kept it within Chairs” haha tearing his spirit down hilarious 😂😂

    Matt Nettina

    Corey chill buddy we kept both games vs the pats within a touchdown and same with ravens. Do you want a cookie or something? At least we have more loyal fans then any other team in the league


    @Matt Nettina I’m not your buddy, guy.

    Matt Nettina

    Corey couldn’t think of a comeback?


    @Matt Nettina you’ve never watched Southpark? Damn, does mommy not let you stay up that late so she can have alone time with her multiple “gentleman visitors?”


5:20 every time a fat man gets a TD, an angel gets it’s wings.

    Charles Newton



    The Bills lost because of that fruity dance that he did with his gay lovers in the end zone. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but it’s probably hard to block the patriots D line with 3 dicks inside of him.

Cody Kays

Finally.. brady played almost like himself.. good win and the running game was goin great creating separation for the receivers..Edelman needs some damn rest🤣🤣🤣🤣poor guy..respect to Josh allen too. Especially at the end of the 1st half.. hes gonna be good

    joe smith

    edelman isnt hurt thats bs they been saying that for weeks now its how pats do things always trying too get an edge somehow so opponets wont key on him he took a hit last night if he was hurting he would be done for the season!

    Lucky Eddy


    c k

    Brady is fine. Better than ever. Its the rest of the offense that sucks. His beat weapon is the league leader in drops.

    Jermaine Brown

    Yeah Brady and Josh McD finally decide to open the playbook and make things simple.

    What’s better is they haven’t even fully got Harry integrated yet and should be targeted heavily vs Miami and Myers as well get him some slot wr reps

Jay Dee

Not a bills fan but they proved they belong with the big boys, no question


    Pump the brakes, they had the easiest schedule in the NFL this year. They only played like 4 games against teams with a winning record. Just because they have a good defense does not make them a good team. Ask last year’s bears how well that worked out for them in the playoffs. Josh Allen is markedly worse than mitch trubisky.

    CTG_ICE Tv

    For sure

    William Speyer

    Jay Dee thanks


    All the TDs were from busted coverage…

    chris klein

    Jay Dee – The AFC wasn’t that good this year. Neither team is as good as their individual records and that’s a fact. Truth is NE is ripe for the taking in the post season. KC and Baltimore can beat them and Buffalo needs a QB because I don’t think Allen is the answer.

James Rippy

What a game. These team were savagely hitting & tackling the crap out each other. This was playoff football

    Trevor Thompson

    harman Kang imagine being a patriots fan and claiming the refs are against you. Pats caught in scandal after scandal, are blessed with the “tuck rule” and the roughing the passer criteria was drastically changed after Brady got hurt.. but then wanna whine about the refs lol lmaooooo delusional fan base


    #3 on trending lmao

    Derek Johannis

    Agreed. My pick in the Super Bowl is going to be Patriots v.s. packers I can already tell.


2 minute warning:
Bills O-Line: Ight I’m’a head out

    Sun Wukong

    Pats game plan has always been outlast the opponent then just play them dirty in the 3/4th quarters.


    Their center got hurt and left the game that’s why their line crumbled


    The Pats started sending pressures at the end of the game, that’s why. That last play was a cover zero blitz, there’s no way to block cover zero so someone is going to come free.


    dfg dfgs good one

Quinn Dang

Imagine getting tackled by a 40 year old Tom Brady.

    Vanilla Girl


    harman Kang

    @Excelsior Espio you’re the lost cause because you blame cheating for every win like just one scandal and you fans cant Get over losing to the best team in the league right now

    Paul Williams

    Quinn Dang 42*




The patriots looked like the Patriots here, just in time for the playoffs

    Warren Shiflett

    @Emperor of Mankind No. The Cheatriots are pathetic! It’s not my fault or any NFL fan’s fault the NFL catches them cheating. Congrats to Baltimore for winning the division title again. What helped was their wins against the Patriots and Bills which is something the Steelers couldn’t do.

    Emperor of Mankind

    @Warren Shiflett Good job on the Browns embarrassing The Ravens lol.

    Warren Shiflett

    @Emperor of Mankind The Ravens would rather play the Patriots than the Browns. It’s an easier win for them. The Browns ran all over the Patriots. Without their fumbles, they win. Baker also scored a touchdown on that 4th down play late in the fourth quarter. But as usual, like NFL fans always say, the refs are for the Cheatriots.

    Warren Shiflett

    @Emperor of Mankind Oh, and Baltimore embarrassed the Patriots. Houston as well. You know, the team who the Ravens crushed.

    Emperor of Mankind

    @Warren Shiflett U mad bro?

nick hawley

That block is hilarious, so effective and unexpected lol…


I remember back in the off-season when all the experts said this was the year the Jets would become the team to beat in the AFC East for years to come. Heh, good times.


The day literally any team puts a crossing route spy on Edelman will be the day he dies. I mean my God that is the only route he ever runs and somehow people still can’t stop it.

sports / battle rap zone 1

I’m a Buffalo Bills fan only thing I got to say about Josh Allen is stop over throwing people once he get that down pack we going all the way because against good teams you cannot overthrow people he overthrew Knox twice for the touchdowns facts


    He’s never going to stop because he sucks.

    Redman Gaming

    sports / battle rap zone 1 he’s bad and as a patriots fan Brady is goat and you don’t have the goat

    Seeyam Chowdhury

    Redman Gaming What kind of argument is that?


    @Seeyam Chowdhury a better one than “all he has to stop doing is everything that he does and he’ll be good”

Gilles 82

Easily the Pats best win of the season. Josh Allen is the real deal as a Franchise QB.


    Runs too much IMO, may get hurt faster

    03 AI

    He’s trash


    I’m a pats fan but somehow have seen like 5 Bills games this yr and i promise you Allen is trash. Overthrows his receivers by a mile when they’re wide open


    Allen is absolute garbage. This is his second year, and he is no better than last year. The Bills only played like 3 teams with a winning record this year, and lost to 2 of them.

    Jesse Corcoran

    @Corey 2nd in fourth quarter passer rating, 0 interceptions in 4th quarter. He is not absolute garbage he’s a young qb learning his place, he will get better and he has definitely improved from last year.

Duane H

Good battle, entertaining game. Allen seems to be a great fit in Buffalo and I hope they continue to contest NE for that top AFC E spot. The Pats have been the only big fish in that pond for a while now.

    Steve Kazmarek

    We are next. Allen is still young. Hes need to get some more experience and wisdom in the nfl. 3-5 years and he should be there.

    Worlds first chair with 3k subs

    @Asteroid 2020 300 yard games are irrelevant. Wins are the only relevant thing


    Yes, please keep Allen in Buffalo. That guarantees that the Bills will never be a threat to anyone except teams with a losing record.

Tripper Harrison

Bills are no joke. Still can’t believe that I’m saying this, but the 42 year old just won his division….. again….


    @Serenity Granted what does that have to do with the price of rice in China?


    Yes because it was all because of Brady the Patriots have won games this season……


    Still failing to find the connection between “nfc east is weak” and the reply of “Seattle would beat NE”

    Trvp visuals

    Yeah brady leads a number 1 ranked defense lmao

Josh Molina

Those Bills are for real. Good QB, aggressive and smart defense and definitely not conservative.

Birtha Butt

Pats fan since Grogan…Great game. Josh Allen looks legit to me…Bills need to keep building; good TEAM. Landon Roberts is becoming a fullback; he is getting it.

    kingjimmyb ofall

    Grogan was the man my first game at Sullivan was in ’81this 20 year run makes up for the 40 years before doesn’t it? GO PATS!!!!!!


I’m just here to read excuses Patriot haters come up with as to why they won .

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