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Jared Goff Takes Command on Opening-Drive TD

Jared Goff wasted no time taking the Rams to the house for a TD. The Los Angeles Rams take on the San Francisco 49ers during Week 16 of the 2019 NFL season.

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😂😂 if the 49ers lose this game it wouldn’t surprise me especially since they will be a WC team and they will be out in the 2nd round no doubt.

    Gohan With Down Syndrome

    Ibrahim Barry

    Saints do

    Gohan With Down Syndrome

    Assuming the saints and seahawks in the season with tied records.

    Randomr Uploads

    @Ibrahim Barry no cu, we’ve beat them already so they wont win the division

    Kevin Fossen

    @Gohan With Down Syndrome division, not conference.

    Jonathan Morales

    MRTUPAC 28 this didn’t age well


espnsport.us/Los-Angeles-Rams-vs-San-Francisco-49ers.php?NFL-Rams-vs-49ers-Live 🏈🏈🏈🏈



    Begonia Ahumad

    Dumb self

Stan ezen

That was fast.

Rams win 27-23


    Rams lost . 31-34

    A sad falcons Fan

    @Marco M 4 years ago, already forgot.

    Marco M

    @A sad falcons Fan nfl didnt forget

    NFL sports esport

    34-31 no faith in the FAITHFUL!!!! KEEP DOUBTING!!!

Yo Yo

The 49ers are destined to be a wildcard team

    Nike Trushkov

    You know we won, right?


Jared Goff is a beast when his line protects him.

    Max Morrison

    Nathan Spratley yeah ok buddy we will see Week 16 if you think we are the same team as the past 2 games you are wrong

    Nathan Spratley

    Max Morrison Nagy owns the Vikings lmao

    Max Morrison

    Nathan Spratley so you’re implying that just because he beat us 3 times that he owns us? That’s a delusional thing to say

    Nathan Spratley

    Max Morrison Not I’m not implying that. It’s literally what I’m saying

    Max Morrison

    Nathan Spratley I’ll believe it when I see it week 16

Coleton k

Were giving away our season

    Mathew Lagueux

    9er fans are getting a taste of “humble pie” needed since they were overly cocky before the ravens game and after beating the saints

    Jay Stiles

    Here’s is something,How about having faith about your team but you’re okay

    Swank B Productions

    Mathew Lagueux we need the opposite of that, been down for 5+ years we need ours lol

    Marco M

    @Mathew Lagueux what you got to say now niners always find a way


Goff is definitely redeeming himself from last game


Go rams we the Mob…..

Punk sherman just got ran over by todd


    Nike Trushkov lambs are in the goat and sheep family…..

    Learn how to spell you did not spell it right haha


    Jonathan D. Well he is a vet and has more experience so its not really a shock to me…..

    You act like we got burnt


    Nike Trushkov its spelled lame……a lamb is also a sheep haha

    Jokes on you

    Jonathan D.



    Jonathan D. No but you will be after the first round

Luke Connors

As a hawks fan I hope that the rams when because the 49ners have to win their last two games to clinch the #1 seed 😂

    Anthony Desenso

    One more game after this

Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS

Let’s go L.A Ram’s we got this

    Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS

    @Jonathan Morales All love we did good this year next year we coming strong and ready let’s go l.a ram’s

    Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS

    @DedSec 117 best to believe we coming back strong and ready next year we played a good game doe real talk follo me on facebook Tamone Edwards IG Money Manee

    DedSec 117

    @Money mane #GMEMEMPHIS I dont use social media nomo to much bs be happening 🤣 but hy Goff did better today alot better

Sheila McClure


The Raze

How ya’ll gonna cut it while showing the catch at the end

Ace Gerding

I’m a Seahawks fan I really hope the rams win

    The Jack Rabbit

    Me too!

    Chance Ream

    Well now the rams lost 😢

    Ace Gerding

    Chance Ream rip

    Alejandro Maldonado

    I hope 9ers win u guys


    L 😭😭😭😭

Aj Rangel

Vote for the Rams & get a one night stand.

GED Gert

Have a feeling niners might be upset again 👀👁

    Jonathan D.

    GED Gert Nope!

    Nike Trushkov

    Nope, not today!

Nike Trushkov

But we still won! Thanks Gould! #Niners

Alejandro Maldonado

I like how nfl gives rams highlights but 9ers won so….


Heartbreaking loss



Emmanuel Perez

There was a game on today???

    Daniel Ordonez

    Three actually ha.

The Big Homie BMORE 4 REAL


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