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Dominic Lorenzo

Pornstar Jimmy G. with the dagger in the clutch. 🔥

    ghostface griller

    Dominic Lorenzo pornstar Winston

    wha-where yo mama stay at Vlad?

    Jimmy is the weakest link in this ball club

Jugg Fresh

We need Kwon, Ford and Tart for the playoffs this Defense just don’t play the same without them.

    Chris Paul point god

    1) witherspoon has been getting burned lately

    2) Sherman didn’t give up the many yards

    3) sherm just got back from an injury which was predicted to last 2 weeks

    Alberto Cruz

    WoodenPickle Spoon got burned by everyone last night not just Kupp. Sorry but he has to do better no matter the scheme.

    Bee Xiong

    @Inka Gamer74 they intentionally picked on the weakest link. The last 3 games really.

    STR Garza

    Nemo 05 dk Metcalf is athletic and fast he will leave Moseley in his dust we need Witherspoon and Sherman to play

    Michael G

    I wish DJ Jones wasn’t out for the season. He’s one of the best d linemen

Dee jose2480

Now that’s how you kick a feild goal great game!!!

VuntaeThaKid 100

Fred Warner looked like when u intercept the ball in madden then try to catch your balance from nothing 😂😂

    Pedro Torres

    @Paul Gaither o

    Dutt Patel

    Nemo 05 Ik when he dropped that one which was a easy Td I got so mad

    Elisha Williams

    Madden developers gonna be like “see we told y’all we make it realistic “

    Joseph Blomeister

    Bit off topic but just wanted to say I had to go to Round Table Pizza to watch the game cuz my cable didn’t play it. What a nail biter it was! This morning I watched these highlights 3 times already.
    And counting….
    GO NINERS !!!

Chris Jones

Somehow this is Jason Garrett’s fault 😂

    Girth Man

    He’s a terrible coach but no this one is not on him.

    Alex Smith

    Cowboys fans always have some worthless excuse.

    Don Cooper

    @Alex Smith agree excuses every year is getting old 2O something years same old excuses and going home early again this year watch and see

    Acidcus 28

    Girth Man r/wooosh

Mark G. 21

Now this is why we watch football.

    Joey Marco

    Is this game a candidate for one of the games of the year?

    DUBBZZ _223

    Joey Marco Rams Vs 49ers week 16 , Saints Vs 49ers week 14 , Ravens Vs 49ers week 13 , 49ers vs Cardinals week 11 because of that insane comeback and Seahawks vs 49ers week 10

    AJ Palmeri

    DUBBZZ _223 I think Ravens vs 49era is game of the year, I mean it was good top defenses vs top offenses


I WAS THERE !! that place was ROCKIN !!

    omar c


    Hayden Berry

    Yeah me to

    Jack Cheney

    Great👍 That game was absolutely AWESOME. 49ers has been one of the most exciting teams to watch this season. That 49ers vs Saints game in New Orleans was off the chain.

    Brandon Ballesteros


Michael Sanchez

NFC is going to be a blood bath on the way to the Super Bowl.


    bruno youtube you idiot


    ernesto pena you haven’t beat a playoff team

    Brett Truax

    Kevin Alvarado browns going to the super bowl

    Mike Conville

    Going thru Philly

Aroosh Kumar

I love this announcer, he did it for the saints vs Niners game too. How have I never heard of this guy? He seems to love his job and is great at it!

    The REAL mike thegamerguy24

    @S Venkateswaran i remember seeing burkhart’s name before

    Vincent James

    Yeah he’s good, but I hate Charles Davis his partner


    S Venkateswaran yep he’s done a few playoff games for fox but just like the very good Thom Brennaman on Fox Baseball, he can’t dislodge Joe Buck to call the Super Bowl

    carlos Reynosa

    @Vincent James Charles Davis wants to breakdown everything, so annoying.

    Filipino Flash


Uzi Solis

Thank god this game wasn’t narrated by joe buck..


    Joe Buck: gets the chance to call one of the greatest comebacks and walkoffs in MLB history
    Also Joe Buck: “we will see you tomorrow night”

    T L

    Don’t forget Aikman. When paired with Joe Buck with headphones on could cause blackouts

    Scott Bilger

    @v2 Toga He acknowledged he was screwing it up. It will be interesting to see if he lasts. Getting names correct seems like a pretty fundamental announcer skill. People don’t like Buck’s style, but at least he gets the call right.

    Kurt Johnson

    Oh ferchrissakes people. All this Joe Buck bashing is getting really tiresome. Find a hobby or something.


    “Pass is…………….caught!”

Ultimatecs 1028

This O line will be the death of me. Yes, I understand Aaron Donald is arguably the best rusher but 6 sacks is wayyy too many heading into the playoffs. Protect your QB!

    Ultimatecs 1028

    @bruce cockinson they’re not firing saleh. Teams are going to be looking for head coaches in the next few year’s. We could’ve been resting some starters because of injuries too. Sherm. Tartt.

    Ultimatecs 1028

    @Chris Paul point god couldn’t agree more. But Jimmy G intends on making something out of nothing. Therefore, protect him.

    Ultimatecs 1028

    Hell of a game though. Jimmy G came up to be clutch. 46 yard bomb. Now all we need is for seattle to lose!

    Ultimatecs 1028

    @•Vicentius • doesn’t do any justice if the line isn’t blocking though…

    •Vicentius •

    Ultimatecs 1028 Ik that’s why I said how he gone throw it away if he in the pocket

Robby Taylor

I like how at 7:50 in the video when kittle makes the catch and runs up field Ramsey gets out of his way after earlier the announcers say hes physical and comes up and makes big tackles

    Josh Romero-Burgan

    He does. Kittles is just the best te in football right now.

    Blah Blah

    He didn’t get out of the way. He got faked out. Kittle made him look stupid 😂

    Robby Taylor

    @Blah Blah kittle was running right at him and didnt make a move and Ramsey slid off to the side to get out of the way

    Robby Taylor

    @Josh Romero-Burgan if he is so good at making tackles then he should have at least attempted to tackle kittle instead of stepping to the side

    Josh Romero-Burgan

    @Robby Taylor he didnt step to the side he got juked by the best tight end in football

Dwarf Mafia

All these niners fans saying their o’line sucks, not really they have the defensive unicorn Aaron Donald coming at them

    Mekiah Gregg

    Your not wrong about aaron donald, but unicorn? really? 😂

    chito Im

    Clippers need to move to Seattle and change the name to supersonics


    @Twrge on. X aaij

    William Sanders

    Five sacks is an awful lot to give up…and Seattle won’t be as forgiving. That said, they closed the deal, and the top seed is theirs to win or lose. As for the Rams, looks like it’s back to the drawing board.

    Patriot America Jg

    1 guy is not going to effect the entire o line rhetoric. Our line is poor right now


Jimmy gotta start moving around early on in the pocket to make room for him to scramble since his O-line is on life support. Some of these situations where he cant go nowhere can be avoided early on.

    Mike Cap

    They need to stop calling 7 sec pass plays he has 3 or 4 secs balls gotta be out

    Joshua Robinson

    Being able to make a split second decision under pressure like that ESPECIALLY with A.Donald coming for your head is impressive. JimmyG is playing just fine guys… If you ask me the 9ers need to start playing defense.

    Mike Cap

    Joshua Robinson really 6 sacks 2 picks only thing left is a fumble or 2

    Mike Cap

    Robert Reed 6 sacks is not good protection sorry


    He’s too slow

BH Music

I’m a Vikings fan, but WOW the NFC is stacked. 49ers, Seahawks, Packers, Vikings, Rams, and other less notable ones like the Cowboys, Eagles, etc. The playoffs are going to be an absolute shootout and bloodbath. Man, I don’t think the Vikings will even get close to the Divisional.


    @Obinna Nwakwue They already beat the Ravens this year lol


    Plenty of underrated teams in the afc watch them win the super bowl again

    Janny Krommendijk

    @Truevillany .


    “ less notable “ that’s the kindest thing the Cowboys have heard this year 🙁

    Brian Andrade

    @Obinna Nwakwue don’t count out the Chiefs


Saturday’s games were confusing

Tony Brown

49ers to the superbowl and win!!


    @Chris Windham Preach

    vic luevano

    Cute 😂

    Anno Domini

    49ers and Saints can beat the Ravens…thats about it…


Sanders pressed X so hard.


Jimmy G 3rd&16’s reminded me of his first game with NE in Arizona – you could see he just had that innate feel to hang in and find a way to pull it out. Impressive, gutsy performance


    NoJobRob that man was crying in the pocket lol. Good win though

    Scott Bilger

    … or just too dumb to realize it can’t be done. 😉 I wish he had a little less guts and threw it sooner.

Sergio Bejar

As a 49er die hard I was glad to see Goff throw a TD.. to fred Warner lol

    Scott Pilgrim

    Sergio Bejar ah man me too

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