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Crispy Dotz

Most fumbles in Nfl history. We did it.

Gekko koala man

This is the sloppiest all around game so far, anouncers, and players lmao

    JA Gaming

    Gekko koala man I know I would never expect this from the Texans maybe the buccs but not Houston

    Siege The Way, Bucs

    And refs

Kodax The Argonian

Jesus, how many turnovers did the bucs have?

    Josh Swider


    Aden Langrehr



Winston, Watson…who can tell the difference? (This play-by-play guy sure as hell can’t.)

    Luke R.

    @Geoff Thompson Sorry, Watson doesn’t stand a chance–too inconsistent. Jackson has it locked down if he wins one more game, unless Wilson goes off these last two weeks.

    J Jackson

    @Luke R. I agree. Watson is pretty good, but not nearly the same level of talent as Lamar Jackson.

    J Jackson

    @Hlubzaum KawgNo one would ever confuse Jameis Winston with Michael Vick.


    Demaryius Thomas is probably regretting not being with the Texans anymore, well, serves him right for leaving us, traitor, enjoy being with the loser Jets!

    ESAW Reality

    @Dalonghair it was bothering the heck out of me lmao

Jonathan King

Turnover Bowl.

    Dante Griffin

    Winston was like I got this this wat I do

That dude Joe

Guess these guys are in the Christmas spirit, they giving the turnovers away as gifts.


Winston drops bak… er Watson…. Wanston over the middle. …

    Iam Faded

    badlandskid dead 😂

JMIKE Respicio

This announcer is HORRIBLE.

    # liitysquad


    Zachary Rizzo

    Cut Rich some slack, he’s new to play by play and lost his father this week. He’s still working on it

    PeakMe Wheat

    Yea give him a break. He did fine imo.

    (Other than the name mixup which I found pretty funny tbh)

Luffy SkyWalker

Jameis wINTson

    Slim Vickins

    Luffy SkyWalker Winston may have stole the show with his pics, but don’t forget how terrible Watson was himself. Watson always gets a pass from the media….he has multiple games this season where he was abysmal and the media just bats their eye. Super inconsistent. Then when he has a great game they shove it down our throats…he’s the new Aaron Rodgers. Media always making excuses for him.!

    Jason Howell

    @Slim Vickins FACTS 💯


    @Luffy SkyWalker

    The Music City Martian!

    Fine but NEXT YEAR Itll be WINS TON!!!!


    yeah Winston has had a couple of good fantasy weeks, but if he ever gets to the playoffs his mistakes will always bring on Ls. The Bucs have stuck with this dude since day one, its time to let go


How can a team turnover roughly 10 times and Still almost win the game?! Bucs are the best / worst team in the league.

    Tyler Fouts

    At least it’s never boring to genuinely wonder if your team can hold the lead or make a comeback when you’re a Buccaneers fan!

    Vinícius Pinheiro


    Phon Xieng

    call their defense saved them and kept them in it u idiot

    Charly Lucky

    @Phon Xieng , you calling people idiot yet you can’t even spell, or make sense. C’mon now.

    Johny Reyes

    It’s called Bill O’Brien is a bad coach


In a world where Watson is Winston and Winston is Watson, Watson and Winston must play their heart out to prove that in this game there can be only one Watson or Winston

    Mr Zhou

    mpdeity lol you’re salty. ok 1st who can beat baltimore? 2nd the patriots oh wait the texans beat them and dont give me the “full roster” bs. 3rd KC oh wait the texans beat them too. 4th buffalo give me a break the bills can’t beat anyone except last place teams. the texans will probably play them in the playoffs anyways so talk then. so as you were saying….?

    Lomolongo Shosola

    yoooo thats funny asfffff sounds like a fairy tale

    Deonta Shafford

    MPDeity are u dumb they going to the playoffs

    0 Soeum


Team Alpha

If you’re not a fan of one of these teams then this was an entertaining game

    TMP playz

    Team Alpha fr tho😂

    Hayden Murray

    So true!!!

    Willie Wei

    Ik I was frustrated af😐

Frank Christian

@ 13:32 B.O.B. We can kneel the ball and win the game, heck Nah let’s run it. Holding call, let’s punt and give them another chance. Thankfully we won.

Michael Uche

Imma Texans fan but the only thing that can stop Tampa Bay is…the buccaneers


One of the worst but yet entertaining games I’ve ever seen

    Hector Leal

    Hwertyoc 12456789qa0

    Random User

    Yeah, pretty sloppy effort on the parts of both teams.

    Roberto Oberto

    Luis4872 all you’re teams games have been the worst this season lmfao

    MMA MeatHead

    Luis4872 says the dolphins fan- that’s how bad the game was


If his receivers can actually catch the damn ball Winston would’ve won this game. I dunno, I see talent here, give him a prove it contract.

Trevon Thomas

I bet DBs love playing against Winston. They stay setting career highs vs him


Good to see Jameis open up the game with a quick TD pass

Robb Stark

Nate burleson is cringy

Aden Langrehr

This annoucing is sad because the announcer said in the current game that deshaun watson was one of the best qbs then he calls him jamis winston completly disrespectful

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