Mason Crosby Will Remember the Chemistry of 2019 Packers – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Kiasia Johnson


Chance Gospodarek

Tell Aaron I love him he’s awesome (Aaron Jones)

Chance Gospodarek

Tell davante I love him


Some of you fans are toxic saying its over. Rodgers has 4 more years on his contract we have plenty of chances left.

    Johnny Ho

    Yeah Rodgers aint how he was since 2010-2015 but its not all entirely his fault, he had no weapons besides Jones and Adams and maybe Lazard but thats all

    Michael Curtis

    Aaron Rodgers definitely has a few more years left in him. He played as well as he could (with a few mistakes) against the 49ers defense.


    AGK927 Packers have to go all in on these last 5 or so years of Aaron’s career. The field is wide open, and it’s rare to get a HOF QB. With Brady and Brees fading out, there will boy be 3-4 elite QBs in the league, 2 of them being in the AFC. Wilson is the only elite guy in the NFC besides Rodgers. Multiple super bowl trips are well within the cards

Richard H Cain

Go Pack Go what a year,


We will miss you Mason . If you dont come back and get one more big payday in your last contract in the NFL we will understand but I say bug Gute until he resigns you ! Retire a Packers kicker !

Nallely Sorto


Jason Simmons

He sure won’t remember the super bowl they won in 2020.

Tyki Mikk804



Gpg 💚💛 💚💛

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