Marcedes Lewis Believes the 2019 Packers Were One Of The Closest Teams He’s Been On – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
Alan Hernandez

It doesn’t matter well be back next season wish I could go to a game

    Chicago773 Williams

    Don’t think so

777d7777 777d7777

Great player and leader
Go Pack Go!!!!

Sub Pls

GO PACK. Chiefs win it all tho, next year we gonna win the Super Bowl. I have the feeling how ‘bout you?

    parker kriese

    i feel like this year was the last chance for awhile:/

    Supa Games

    parker kriese we got this far with a new coach and p much a new team, watch when they play next year they’ll be super bowl bound 👌🏽

    Devin Phillips

    Go Pack Go

    Justin Zurawski

    parker kriese Why though? It’s the first year of a new era. If anything, this year should’ve been a big bust.

Da CheWookie

Great Game unfortunately we didn’t win however…. Next season we will be there and this time going to the SB

Dre Cristo

Way to go Mercedes you had a great year.

Jesse Grajeda


    David Tristan

    We’ve got enough. Lazard, kumerow, and davante wil be GREAT receivers next season.

    Matt Nicholson

    Agreed need a threat. Lazard shows promise but we need another steady weapon. And Jace Sternberger is going to be a monster

Richard H Cain

U got 2 come back big dog, We always need a lead dog, Go Pack Go,


Man I hope we bring him back for next year


    jesusoftheapes dangggg you just wrote a book, but you do have a point. Mercedes is valuable bc he is one of the leaders of the team which is more valuable than you may think. Not to mention his great blocking abilities. As long as he isn’t getting paid too much it’d be worth keeping him, the one you should be talking about getting rid of is graham, who makes 10 mil a year and doesn’t do near as much as he should

    Reno Geremen

    21BrockBaldridge12 pack better bring this dude back & get rid of jimmy graham foreal foreal hahaha


    @jesusoftheapes Your comment shows what little you know about football or Lewis. He’s been one of the league’s top blocking TE his entire career and that’s what he was brought to GB to do. He’s here as a blocking tight end and any catches are a bonus. So your whole rant about him being slow and whatever shows you know nothing about him or why he’s even playing for GB.


Big Dog is such a class act. Really want to see him suit up for Green Bay again next year.


I’m hoping Marcedes will sign with team again after two single year deals. He brought a lot to this team.

Nallely Sorto

As packer fan and i was disappointed when we lost,but i am rooting for the Chiefs because they havent won a SB in a while and I feel like the 49ers throught they were going to win and were so confident from the beginning of the game.But the Pack will come back STRONGER AND BETTER! GO PACK GO!!!🏈🏈💚🧀💚

93 Til Infinity Steez47

I dont know we were overachievers. Let’s get MLF getting another offseason watching film and drawing more and more plays. Gutekunst working some magic in FA and the draft

Matt Nicholson

Please bring him back please?!!? He is still top notch

El34 Glow

That’s what I keep hearing. Extremely close team. Every insider said in all the years of the modern Packers teams, this is the closest team they’ve seen. We’re gonna build on this. Proud of this team. Want Lewis back too.

Mac Sauce

One of my favorite players

rob davis

Cool guy I hope he comes back. But playing 2 down linemen is insane.

Caleb Hofer

Sign him


we NEED to resign big dog

Manuel Hernandez

Definitely need to resign him

Eric S

Wanted to win 🏆 for him

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