FULL 2020 First Round Mock Draft – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
John Landon

when your so early there are no comments

Xander Kelly



Xify Sxky

Ooooo Joe Burrow vs Lamar Jackson??????? Now this will be fun


    Pretty soon the whole AFC North is gonna be young QBs. Just gotta wait on Big Ben to retire lol

    Xify Sxky

    @3lement2010 yeah lol

    Daunte Mitchell

    Xify Sxky it will be fun to see Lamar to blow them out

Noe Mendoza

Also, I’m FIRST!!!

Jeb_ the water sheep

i love how the falcons win meaningless games to lower their draft pick, morons lol

    Jorge Naranjo

    Players and coaches play for their jobs

    Chris Anderson

    It caused their coach to retain his job so mission accomplished

Mateusz Wilk

Love NFL from Poland 🇵🇱❤🇺🇸 Poles love Americans, americans movies….
I’m Kansas City Chiefs fan ;D
Greetings, allies.
Superbowl 🏈🏈🏈🏈

    Christian Dreessen

    Mateusz Wilk I’m a chiefs fan as well hopefully they can win Super Bowl


    Poland beautiful country and people

    Mr. Bear


Da Sports Fan

so we’re going to pass up on Isaiah Simmons and Andrew Thomas?? k then

Player 1

The only insight these mock drafts provide is knowing the real Draft will be the complete opposite


Who ready for the frikin Super Bowl

Andrew K

Who else just wants to see there team



    Naomi Gonzalez



    Nah! I love mock drafts.

    Legend__ 21

    Everyone 😂

North StarState

Vikings should take a qb. Kirk cousins showed he can’t lead a team even with an oline. Remember Washington days?


    They lost to a Superbowl team😂😂 niners might win it all

Thrilling Productions

We already know this is gonna be inaccurate as hell


Кто ты в будщем:
ИГНор(а) – БОМжик😕
ЛАЙкнул(А) – БОГатый😋
ПОДписал(А)ся – МИЛлионер🤑🤑🤑


107th!!! 😆

The fan

Bruh the saints need an new young upgrade in their secondary.

I love food but don't like you

I was just watching a mock draft a somwbody had the raiders taking love at 12 and fulton at 19


They so pie for the Georgia guy #10 bama did em dirty

Legend__ 21

If we can’t get tua, then let’s just use this draft for strictly the o line and get a QB next year…if rivers has time to throw, we’re a completely different team🤷🏾‍♂️💯

Mr. Bear

Next Year we will improve: BEAR DOWN CHIGACO

Gerard Stevenson

Justin Jefferson to the Saints Yea baby💯💯

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