Mark Ingram: Kobe Bryant’s Passing Is ‘Devastating’ | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Justino Reply

Fly high kobe 😔

DiamondSamurai Reply

R.I.P. Mamba and Mambacita🙏🏾

Kettlecorn3000 Yeah Reply

Rip Kobe

Matthew Andrews Reply

I love you and always will the ravens have had and always will have a big place in my heart

Khiliq Pullen Reply

Rip Kobe 💔

Gi G Reply


Noah Habeger Reply

It doesn’t matter if you like him or not, it doesn’t matter if you like the team or not, it doesn’t matter if you like nba, it hurts losing a great NBA player

    earl rainey Reply

    Noah Habeger nah it’s not great nba player it’s A Icon NBA player is a understatement

    Joshua Welsh Reply

    Noah Habeger all, Will die. It’s just how your Saved. I cried to. For all I’ve lost. Jesus is the way

    Raising A Champion Reply

    Nobody cares about losing an NBA player…its about losing an icon, a man who taught people it’s not about the game it’s how you compete in life…how you do everything in life. So…no…nothing to do with NBA.

    Dean Robin Reply

    You just said it doenst matter of you like nba.. and then to say it hurts losing a great nba player.. doenst make sense….
    it hurts loosing a great human being and role model.

Ms Sandy Reply

So sad. Peace and comfort to the families involved.

Sang Nguyen Reply

I grew up watching kobe as a rookie to retirement when I moved to California and back to Maryland his passing made me sad that I cried I was a lakers fan before kobe went to the nba. I HOPE MY LAKERS get the trophy I believe that lebron James can do it with the current Lakers team.

Nick Beane Reply

Rip Kobe

spade fohgawd Reply

i always could tell mark was well spoken but damn I feel like hes really good and careful about picking his words here, smart guy I can see why hes a good player

Kanye West Reply

Thanks for your contribution Baltimore Ravens ✌❤ let’s keep it going

Jtm Josh Reply

Rip Kobe!!
Must say I love Mark Ingram he’s very well spoken and a good voice for Baltimore!!

How to do Studios Reply

Rip Kobe Bryant 👏🙌🏿🙏🙏


That one dislike is from a player that lost to Kobe Bryant in the NBA finals

Ben Valenzuela Reply

There’s no such thing as a lost legend, because legends live forever. RIP to one of the greatest.

Jacqueline Perry Reply

I was trying to watch the football game and end up watching news on Kobe and just cried most of the day he so right.

javi sanchez Reply

Why did he call him lemar ar the end?

seymour blankbanks Reply

rest in peace kobe bryant he was our jordan

Joshua Welsh Reply

All is Good In Gods Kingdom. Jesus Bless!

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