Orlando Brown Jr. Wore His Dad’s Jersey to Pro Bowl – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Orlando Brown Jr. Wore His Dad’s Jersey to Pro Bowl

Offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. talks about how special it was to rep his father's legacy and the passing of Kobe Bryant.

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Brez Reply

Rip Kobe

Christopher Smith Reply

Need to bring back them jerseys 🔥🔥🔥

Laura Decker Reply

I love ravens so much I like how he wants to remember his dad and RIP Kobe 😥😥😥😥😥

Amanda Panda Reply

He seems like such a nice young man. OBSR did a great job. I love my team 🙌🙌

villen Reply

As a long time Ravens fan who lives in Oklahoma it’s cool to see all the OU guys that have gone to the Ravens

Mystical Reply

Why this channel got so little views wth 😂

    ManBearPig YT Reply

    It was just posted

    ManBearPig YT Reply

    And if they post Lamar Jackson, it’s gonna get over 100k views easily.

Jtm Josh Reply


HoustonIsImmortal Reply

Zeus and Stanley are going to keep us as championship contenders for a long time. #BeleeDat

sammyvh11 Reply

Zeus was one of the best ever. Mountain of a man .

GrenadeMan9000 Reply

Amazing story. Ravens franchise is the best.

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