Lamar Jackson Offers Condolences After Kobe Bryant’s Passing | Baltimore Ravens – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

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Matthew N. Carter Reply

Must have been hard to play after hearing the news 💔😪

E Z Reply

So sad that he passed at 41

Brian Rainey Reply

R.I.P To all that lost their life in the crash today.

    Breon Mitchell Reply

    Sad😭😫how kobe an daughter other 7 Died on plane

    Norman Harris Reply

    Brian Rainey that’s what I say…we value the known over the unknown and I believe that is a mistake…every one of those lives lost should be celebrated….it is unfortunate that valuations exist in life.. it took me all day to recognize that… someone in the darkest corners of the world died unceremoniously but their lives are just as magnificent… but men value one life over another…unfortunate but a reality…what if all deaths were felt as Kobe’s?….🤔

    Joshua Welsh Reply

    Norman Harris Strong words! It’s real. It spoke to my Heart!! Stay Strong!! 🤛

    Brian Rainey Reply

    @Norman Harris absolutely, amen!!

    Brian Rainey Reply

    @BrutalerHamster 9 people lost their lives in the crash, you need to know what you’re talking about before calling anyone an idiot. Kobe his daughter and 7 other victims. My heart breaks for all nine victims NOT just Kobe and his daughter, all of them.

NoSwiss AllCheddar Reply

I think I speak for everybody when I say Baltimore has your back. I was one of the doubters last year but boy did I eat my words. I would go to war with this young man any day. True leader. There is no longer any doubt in my heart. We will be raising that Lombardi and taking that walk down Pratt.

    Brian Jones Reply

    African 1st Congolese 2nd I agree, he hasn’t beat mahomes yet. He accounts for 2 losses on lamars 19-3 nfl record. I could argue a good running game could control the clock against mahomes. Time will tell. I pray Lamar doesn’t agree to go on madden 2021 cover 😂

    African 1st Congolese 2nd Reply

    @Brian Jones I hope so. EA is evil just watch this.

    c104 ark Reply

    I was never in doubt!

    Brian Jones Reply

    African 1st Congolese 2nd that is crazy bro. Pray for mahomes and Lamar to keep healthy 🙏🏼 coincidence or not that’s too crazy ! Lol

    NoSwiss AllCheddar Reply

    @Brian Jones not to mention he missed a full 2 games

jayluv luv Reply

God called The Angels Home 🌹Rest In Heaven Father N Daughter Sad 😞🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

Matthew Andrews Reply

I never thought I would see this

Diabra Mackall Reply

I didn’t know Kobe and I hated the Lakers. But this news fucked up my Sunday. RIP Kobe

Ms Sandy Reply

I pray all the souls are at peace and for comfort for their families.

Sang Nguyen Reply

I’m really sad that my favorite basketball player died RIP Kobe Bryant and his daughter I hope they make a statue of Kobe Bryant in front of the staples arena

    vickie Holliness Reply

    I’m sure that will happen…it’s just who LA is.

T.M. B Reply

Lamar not only are you the most liked NFL player, you have a BIG heart for your other team members, and said it best, God calls angels home to be with him, RIP to Kobe and his little angel.

Kaci Tucker Reply

He was one of my idols Kobe we will all remember

jamesmontana29 Reply

That dap up at the end though.

El - Amin Reply

What Lamar can do now is pay homage to Kobe and redeem himself in the very same fashion that the late, great Kobe Bryant was able ro do. Kobe failed miserably early in his hoops career by throwing up air balls in a playoff failure vs the Utah Jazz (his rookie season) and many haters and doubters of Kobe were thrilled and laughing and had that Kobe is a choker mentality.

Lamar, like Kobe, will bounce back through hard work, dedication, focus and a ‘I will not be stopped resolve.’

Lamar may not win FIVE championships like Kobe did in the NBA and he has to win one first to begin with, but who knows, maybe he can win multiple Super Bowls; other quarterbacks have and Lamar certainly has the desire and talent and charisma as Kobe Bean Bryant.

Put in the work LJ8…your first two playoff games have been air balls, but I see some slam dunks in your future my brother!

Rest Easy Kobe…you will be missed and you ARE the greatest NBA player I have ever seen play and yes, I also saw MIke Jordan!


PoloNoLogo Reply

Man Kobe has influenced so many people , I was just playing call of duty , I threw I grenade and yelled “Kobe” it’s second nature. He’ll forever be one of the best , I still can’t believe it

James Magee Reply

God knows best the best statement I have heard today concerning Kobe Bryant and His daughter passing. Lamar Jackson man that was pleasing to hear.

Mark Job Reply

I love that kid.

Joshua Welsh Reply

Amen “L”. God called him home!!! I’m happy for him! He’s home finally!!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

GHOST intheshell Reply

God calls his angels home for a reason……I love what Lamar said there man………..RIP MAMBA.

Prezident YT Reply

Not gonna lie, when Lamar said God wants his angels home for a reason. I teared up… that’s beautiful.

mcs 7873 Reply

I love this kid. No matter how his future in Baltimore turns out, he is an absolute class act.

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