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Los Angeles Rams Will Open 2021 Season Against Chicago Bears

Just announced—the Los Angeles Rams will take on the Chicago Bears Week 1 at SoFi Stadium Sept. 12 at 5:20 pm PT on Sunday Night Football. Tune in to the full schedule release on therams.com and NFL Network at 5pm PT May 12!

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crunchynut Reply


Rams House Reply

I’m ready!!!!!!!

    Adventures with AG Reply

    LA, SOFI, 2021 will be our year!!

    Falco Flare Reply

    @Adventures with AG Whose House?!?!

    ram dale wwe Reply

    @Falco Flare RAMS HOUSE

    Adventures with AG Reply

    @Falco Flare RAMS HOUSE!!!!

    X Reply

    @Vivek Shah funny thing is they said there gonna start Dalton 😂

Surg3_Gh0st Reply

Let’s go beat the bears again 😈

    cousin and Bro’s Reply


    Gamo The Legend Reply

    Or bears beat y’all again

    Surg3_Gh0st Reply

    @Gamo The Legend u know last season we beat the bears?

    Heso Melo Reply

    @Surg3_Gh0st and the season before that

Itz_yo_boiii_max 123 Reply

Yessir 😈💛💙

Santiago Vega Reply

Let’s Go Rams

Michele Cavone Reply

Let’s goooo💛💙

Ethan Miller Reply

Lets go

Silver Box Reply

Let’s go ahead and get justin out of the way🐏🔵🟡

    Jackson Hill Reply

    Andy dalton*

Huncho Killa Reply

Is our Depth Chart out yet?

    bhris kirchhoff Reply

    nooooo and it won’t be for months at least the final depth chart. but the roster is always out

    Huncho Killa Reply

    @bhris kirchhoff Yeah thats right probably till after training camp

gpshadow Reply

See ya there!

makk333 Reply

Im telling you they didnt want to face us week 1.

Dxnes Reply

Looking forward to watching it

MrGLark24 Reply

Should Win This Game. Andy Dalton Goin be the starting QB 🙌

    Gamo The Legend Reply

    It’s going be Justin fields

    Heso Melo Reply

    Even if it is Justin Fields we deal with a better version of him every year twice in the division

    Cringy Kid86 Reply

    @Gamo The Legend nah bears are not gonna do that

Kimo Strupler Reply

These bears about the hit a brick wall 1st week.

Paul M Reply

Kevin Demoff needs to FIX THE HORNS ON THE HELMET!!!

    Jackson Hill Reply

    Bruh the helmets are sooo clean😂


I’ve never heard of RAMS being carnivorous……. But we finna eat these bears alive. RAMS HOUSE

Jose Contreras Reply

I’ll be in New Mexico for College 🥲

Dog Supremacy Reply


Heso Melo Reply

Let’s introduce Stafford to LA right with a Dub

Cringy Kid86 Reply

Can’t wait

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