Inside the Draft: Adding ‘tough’ Bobby Brown III | Ep. 4 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Inside the Draft: Adding ‘tough’ Bobby Brown III | Ep. 4

Go inside virtual draft meetings as the Los Angeles Rams prepare to draft the 'strong' and 'tough' Texas A&M DT Bobby Brown III.

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Ifediba Reply

Super Bowl champs

    UCEonDaLOOS3 X Reply

    I agree

    Matthew Gudino Reply

    Yes sir!

Adam Ali Reply


Neil Gonzalez Reply

I hope he does well during OTAs, training camp and pre-season so he can get some playing time during the regular season.

Jeff Trulli Reply

Love this draft pick. He will be taking over for SJD after this season.

    Chandler Peng Reply

    They play different positions

Diet Spider-Man Reply

Leonard AD Bobby/seabass and hollins/Lewis deadly group

    Matthew Gudino Reply

    Don’t forget about Floyd, Brown the 4th, Jones, Garrett, and Ford

Matthew Gudino Reply

Bobby needs to increasing more speed and more strength

Alexandar Johnson Reply

Boy we got some DAWGS I’m so excited for this season dude 😭

    Armando Garcia Reply

    Bro me toooooo

ManiMal Reply

Love the attitude of this young man welcome to the House!

Patrick Reddick Reply

I believe he will be a dawg for my 🐏

YuccaTrash79 Reply

Mr Brown please keep that mind set, “doing whatever they tell you to do.” You succeed, Rams succeed! Horns up baby!!

Dennis Kirk Reply

It’s his prerogative to help AD on the defensive line.

Paul M Reply

FIX THE HORNS ON THE HELMET!!! The horns on the helmet look like a crescent 🌙 moon 🌙. Fix it!!!!

Hendrik 99 Reply

1:32 Win iPhone 12 PRO 🔽



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