Behind the scenes of the Falcons 2021 NFL Draft | Mini-Movie – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Behind the scenes of the Falcons 2021 NFL Draft | Mini-Movie

Take a look inside the draft room as Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot put together their first ever draft class in the 2021 NFL Draft.

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Randy Randy Reply

Rise up look at the rising stars

Jake Gunter Reply

This is really cool. Rise Up

    The Nation Reply

    Yeah bruh this is dope 👌🏾

    Chris Crash Bash Reply

    Rise up

Jamal D Reply

Can’t wait for the season

William Paul Reply

Most people don’t realize what a beast Pitts is and the kid from UCF will be a starter this year also and the defensive lineman is very underrated…

    Dio Brando Reply

    He’s a mismatch nightmare!

Fort Bragg Reply

My boy made it to the big league

Fort Bragg Reply

He’ll gain 15 pounds of muscle before the preseason since it’s phase one and they’ll do strength and conditioning tests for the past weeks

Johnny5659 Reply

In Terry We Trust.

Lil Dave Reply

The dislike is from Justin Fields 🤣

    Chris Crash Bash Reply

    And Saints fans

Nick bagnulo Reply

Love our draft picks, HOPEFULLY they can bring it on sundays

McNuggg Reply

Need to see Pitts on the field now!

Shane Maclaughlin Reply

Kyle seems pro ready in so many ways. His attitude and confidence about it all makes him seem like a veteran. Ready to see what he can do on the field

Frostplays 117 Reply

Pitts is right next to julio and ryan in the locker room. Thats the spot to be right there

Michael Farmer Reply

I have never felt such a breath of fresh air from my home team. RISE UP!

Falcons Empire Reply

I love being a falcons fan & I would not change it for the world! ATL for life🔥

    ricco Reply

    Facts👌🏾👌🏾 even tho they bring us pain

    Jake Gunter Reply

    Rise Up!!!!

    Samuel Holiday Reply

    The good the bad the ugly falcon fan 4 life!

    Chris Crash Bash Reply

    No matter what!

TR3' ATL Reply

Can I get rise up!!! Atl do you feel me!?

    Dre Murphy Reply

    RAISE UP let get it let go A town down

McMida • Reply

This season gonna be legendary!

Nathan Rimmer Reply

The fans want more content like this plz!!! Rise up

Santiago Tadeo Contreras Macedo Reply

This looks great for this season. Rise Up 💪

Garrett Wright Reply

Im all-in on Atlanta. Excited for the future!

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