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Freddy Guerrero

D Law ur play all season has been a disappointment… u took the pay raise and ran!!!!

    Ryu Hayabusa

    He is a good player, not at the level of the top pass rushers. The bad thing is that he is getting paid like an elite DE.


    i wish the team would of never paid this fool D-LAW, he talks more than he plays

Ant live

Lost against a practice squad team smh dallas sucks lmfao. Unbelievable

    Alex V

    Bro I think the difference was is that our young guys were just hungrier. I truly believe that if we had all these overpaid players like Agholore (who is a just bum), Jefferey (way too slow) or Jackson (always hurt) playing, we would of lost this game. Good luck to ya’ll next week. It ain’t over till it’s over. We still have Giants to beat. Which will be not that easy.

    Kevin McCarthy

    Alex V damn. An Eagles fan with some class. Props to you. Truth is this team doesn’t want it enough. They just don’t care. Eagles deserve the division simply because they give a damn. Dallas just wants to go fishing.

    Ant live

    @Kevin McCarthy facts

    CG_ Rodolfo14

    Gee Millz71 eagles really excited that they beat the cowboys by 8 , like it’s y’all first time eat I us , we smacked y’all 37-10 the first time , eagles trash

Snoop Brown

Smart mouth a$$ smh should be humble the way we looked on that field… Proud of how y’all fought???? Amari said he didn’t deserve to be in the pro bowl… Do y’all deserve to be in the playoffs wit 7-7 or could have been 8 -7???

Scott Curtis

You guys sucked. Again. End of story.

    Gary Blount

    Well said sir, every frickin player said, ” Well UGH it was very DISAPOINTING loss” You Think? I wish this Proud fan base would challenge Mr. Jones, but thats not going to happen. So welcome staunch Cowboy`s fan`s to continued mediocrity. As long as Jerry`s IN CHARGE.

Martin Truther


    JAX Longwell

    Martin Truther 😂😂I love this hahahaa

    Gary Blount

    Unfortunately sir that aint gonna happen. Aikman, Romo,somebody as general manager. Come on Jerry pull your head out. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN IT

Thomas Saldivar

Robert Quinn really wanted to blame the offense for not scoring and rightly so because 17 points in any other game in the playoffs really beatable and good for defense the offense couldn’t score at all

    margie moreno

    He made mistakes his self

Chad Cook

Positive notes; we don’t believe in them anymore so maybe they’ll play for their teammates. Next, JG and hopefully kellen will be gone. Lastly, maybe we can get a great QB in the draft for a backup to put pressure on Dak like he had with Romo. I know it’s cool to make the playoffs but it will be embarrassing come round two when they go on the road.

C•0•2 Designs

Very disappointing jaylon u celebrating on one play n get destroyed on next!!! Gtfo

    BayBoy Westbrook

    C•0•2 Designs 💯% FACTS!!!

    jr Deeare

    Lol! The way he celebrates every play no matter the situation is like when your playing him in a video game and your controller stick or button is stuck n broken 🤦


The Nation is only mad because we know damn well our team is better than anyone we’ve play they got to see that though… NFL sports entertainment hasn’t been on our side for over 10 years. Now we get to see a C.Wents Charity Game for a team who’s fans turned on them, now it’s all smiles in Philly. 2020 better not be anything like this, every reason to forgive more losing is DONE!!!

Brian Waller

This,defense is soft as fresh baked bread. 431 yards to a team starting their 4th and 5th string receivers lol

Trojan Hell

This team has given up , I watched them not even try to stop players on the outside … this team is broken psychologically and only way to fix it is to get rid of the CANCER in this team …
Cancer is DAK Prescott and GARRETT ….

D’Angelo From Como

D Law you are stealing MONEY BUM!

M DeBehnke

Here’s another one. WAY overpaid for this guy. Such a joke. Jerry ruined this team.

Ohsaint p

This guy literally stole money from Jerry. He got paid and disappeared. Damn bum.

Danny Evans RC Enthusiast Rhode Island

Hope Jaylon? Are you really that blind, or that high. You got outplayed bye a bunch of no name back up practice squad players. How does it feel to be a Cowboy now???


    preach !

Adam Anthony

Jaylon is more worried about his image and that stupid celebration he does, than winning. Celebrates making a tackle then gives up a TD the next play. Where’s the clear eye view?

    Adrian Lopez

    A lot of these players are just talented. They don’t have that beast mentality where they give it all to every down. and they don’t really believe in themselves making the essential play.


    exactly i been telling ppl all yr im sick of this dude and that b/s celebrating after he makes a play then gets burnt on the next play. win the damn game 1st then u can celebrate point blank & period

    Selwyn Miles

    Adam Anthony sounding like a fake Lebronda James… J Smith

Alex V

As an Eagles fan, I still want to wish all the Cowboys fans a healthy and happy holidays. Stay blessed! It was a good game and good luck to ya’ll next week. We got Giants, ya’ll got Redskins. So it will be interesting matchups to watch. So it’s never really over for you guys like some media says. Anything can happen. We can still lose to the Giants (but I hope not).

    Daniel Hackett

    Thank you, brother. Same to you.

    Guitarslingin Zombiekiller

    A classy Philly fan, props to you, happy holidays to you and your family!

    Alex V

    @Guitarslingin Zombiekiller Thank you, buddy! And it goes clock wise 👍🏽💯

Manuel Guerra

Jaylon soft…linebackers in general are soft…jaylon just like doing his stupid swipe celebration when we’re down 10 points smh

    Adrian Lopez

    Soft and slow. Sean lee is not fast enough to make a play and jaylon can’t wrap up.

Mystery Man

Wintensity Wins games…No intensity, no Win. It was simple…Win and you are in!

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