Cowboys Game Night: Denied by the Eagles | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE

Cowboys Game Night: Denied by the Eagles | Dallas Cowboys 2019

Lindsay Draper and Nate Newton recap the Cowboys loss to the Eagles in Philadelphia, while Brad and Babe bring you interviews with Michael Gallup, Malcolm Smith and more.

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TeddyBelcher 4K Ultra wide 21:9

man not hot

Sean Austin

This ain’t it, chief

Justin D

They fooled me again.
Maybe because I was at the Rams game and saw them destroy L.A first hand..this is one of the most disappointing seasons I can remember and I’ve been a Cowboys fan since 1979.

    Stephen B

    Well atleast u were around for the 5 Lombardi they won

    Stephen B

    Keep your head up bud


    Wow…. Mr. Justin that’s a long time… what do you think needs to be changed?

Brian Waller

1 more game under Garrett left thank God

James Sherman



Same excuses every week. Your FIRED

    Trojan Hell




Brandon Young

When it matters it doesn’t happen. Dak injured or not has inconsistent ball placement. That’s alone kill drives. Defense needs secondary help.

    Stephen B

    Said shoulder felt great he had arm strength even over three receiver on bomb


This Nate is different from the Nate from Hangin with the Cowboys lol


shes hot whats her name

Louis Johnson

I have been a Cowboys fan since 1971, this Cowboys team is the worst I have seen since troy Akeman’s rookie season. Dak Prescott hurt the team today.

    James Tatum

    Everyone hurt the team.. Dak isn’t the one catching the ball

    Stephen B

    Yeah I agree I think dak needs to develop further he is predictable and goes for his hot route first read but if he works on timing and can place the ball in an area the receiver will be at that will hell if he knows where all receivers will be at end of route and where to chuck the ball through all his reads


    Dear Mr. Johnson… what do you truly think needs to be changed?

    Ricardo Hotboy

    Stephen B yup he was really off today missing many deep balls and also threw a couple of intermediate routes behind the recievers. Its ridiculous how inconsistent hes been lately. I also really don’t understand why he had 44 attempts when he hasn’t practiced all week. I think drops were a problem also.

    D Bobb

    Yall know Dak had a bum shoulder. Why put the game on him smh it’s not all on Dak that’s coaching.

Louis Johnson

I don’t think the Eagles had such a good plan, instead, it look more like the Cowboys was the ones who didn’t have a good plan.

    Stephen B

    Eagles playing with practice squad players


need to scrap the whole team we have nothing but “Garret Guys” In the locker room #DEZBRYANT

Matthew Friday

The bigger question who do you think gets a contract extension? 😆😆

Martin Truther


Strut Strutter

FROM a Lifer COWBOYS fan in Philly, we should have dominated this team.. THANK YOU SEAN LEE AND JEFF HEATH FOR SHOWING UP….HOW CAN POLLARD NOT BE IN THE PASSING GAME??? Third offensive play for the Cowboys Zeke was open and could have run for an easy TD,,,,,,Dak took a check down. WE NEEDED MORE JARWIN PLEASE PLEASE RETIRE WITTEN…WHEN IT IS CLUTCH TIME….WITT FAILS

Strut Strutter

No passes ALL WEEK???? Copper should have played

S .McNeal

If qb is hurt, you don’t have him throw 44 times Garrett and then have Zeke run 13 times.

S .McNeal

Rotating Tavon for Cooper on the last play of 4th and 8?

S .McNeal

Garrett is delusional

go for it. Guzman

Nothing but a waste of film!!

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