“It’s Disappointing, It’s Frustrating” Dak Prescott Postgame Press Conference | Dallas Cowboys 2019 – FANTASY FOOTBALL FAN SITE
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Martin Chavez


Greico Rolle

You played terrible today

Luis Arroyo

Throwing games away. This might actually be entertainment after all. Hate to admit

    Snoop Brown

    So many ppl have said this

Harold Johnson

They are who we though they was, not a good team, I’m really sick and tire of them saying they are a team, the record tell what they are…That like losing and saying the next game we will do better, Smh same song Philly put them out of there misery

    Namoo Hyun

    Harold Johnson wtf are they then. Stop hating on them like ur any better.

    Stephen B

    Namoo Hyun they are bums


I have been a loyal Cowboy fan since the age of 8 and I have seen every single Cowboy game since 1988. I am so fed up with this team. These players have such a delusional sense of self-worth and entitlement. What I saw today is not a team that can call themselves “too talented”. At some point in the season a truly talented team rises. This team in my opinion is overrated and overpaid. You can blame the coaching and I am sure they deserve some of it but the real problem with this team is the culture of the franchise. A culture of entitlement and arrogance without having accomplished anything in 25+ years. This is mostly caused in my opinion by the owner. Jerry might be a great owner in many ways but he does harm to his team by constantly filling their heads (and their bank accounts) with ideas of how great they are as players. If I were the owner, during the off season, I would demand these overpaid players restructure their contracts or get them traded. Make them prove how “talented” they are and earn back their big paydays. If they are truly “talented” then they lack something for vital then talent, HEART!

    Ed Ed


    Stephen B

    Def overrated players

    Stephen B

    Analyze Perspective I’ve been saying this

    Melanated God

    Die hard Cowboys fan, and I agree

themememan 69

This was torture to watch, I hate everything about this team right now, but I’ll always be a cowboys fan, but still I’m VERY disappointed in this team this season, absolutely terrible, fire Garrett, fire the whole staff as well good grief 😤

    Melissa Jaramillo

    Fire them all we need a new team period!! Elliot isn’t even good like he used to be


    Garrett didn’t miss throws or drop passes

    themememan 69

    Guys I know it’s not all Garrett, but he’s one of the problems, yes so is Dak, and some of the coaching staff, Jerry is becoming a problem too cause he’s not firing nobody

Spencer Pearson


Donald Pennington

It’s a stupid coaching staff. You run for 260 yards last week against a much better defense and team with multiple formations, fullback, and extra tight ends. This week they give up on the running game way to quickly.


    They were running single high safety and stacking the box. They forced Dak to beat them with his arm and shut the running game down. This one is on Garrett, Moore and Dak

Scott Davidson

truth of the matter is this… and you can disagree… if you would like… that’s why we all have opinions… but I’m going to speak some realistic truth here…. number one I’ve Been a Cowboy fan since 1975….number two not a single team since 1995 has been mentally tough man to a man… Jerry Jones organizational structure has destroyed what I grew up watching… the last time anyone was held accountable and you knew it…was when Jimmy Johnson was there… the day he terminated Jimmy Johnson… and put Barry in there… and Barry said are you happy now Jerry… are you having fun now Jerry… we did it….we did it.. we did it we did it we did it they did it….They DID it with Jimmy’s Talent….Jerry is the problem. Until Jerry’s organizational structure is completely demolished there will not be another Super Bowl in Dallas until that sick goofball is dead. AND that’s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold said so and to the millions and millions of Cowboys fans we absolutely suck…. rest in peace Dallas!

    Harupert Beagleton

    How long was it since the cowboys won last and Jerry taking over? Everyone acts like cowboys were always good. They were trash when Jerry bought them and within 7yrs won more championships than the entire history of the team. How many owners have 3 Super Bowl championships?

    Harupert Beagleton

    Infamous cowboys won more than most teams will ever win cowboys fans can die happy

    Emerson Valle

    @Shabazzrgt007 Bazz we can blame player for messing up plays but the cowboys looked soft umprepared and thats on the coach look at seattle and 49rs


50 years old….cowboys fan for over 40 years. Played football &coached it. Never have I been more embarrassed, pissed off &disappointed in this years team,in all my life. I’d fire Garrett tommorow, to put everyone on notice for next year. Franchise Dak,let him have a prove it year. I’d put Lawrence on the trade block &easily get a 1#&3 for a 27 year old pro bowl pass rusher…I’d let byron jones go (cant intercept a ball to save his life)& take chido awuzie with him..after Lawrence is traded we have 2#1 draft picks ,of which 1 should be a quarterback…re-stock on offensive tackle& guard. (Tyron gettin injuries &conner cant stay healthy)& last…get a strong, no bullshit, no nonsense NFL coach that holds players accountable &wont accept mediocrity. We dont deserve a playoff spot..Congrats to eagles…we played with no heart, no grit,& no toughness. On to the 2020 draft….cowboys #16…are on the clock…

JaDee Daye

Everyone sucked today except the Kicker and Heath! Dropped passes and bad throws! Can’t say Jason coached a bad game today. Still it’s time for Meyer !!!


Sorry Dak your a great guy you say the right words but you dont deserve a contract extension. We need a A+ level talent at QB not a 2nd string QB !


I’m a cowboy fan but this team seems like they care more about their pay then the passion of playing for that blue star! Zek 88million and 14 carrys and you give us 48yards! Are you kidding me! I’m just fed up. This season was a joke. Theses guys are a joke.

Mike the kid

As a cowboy fan I’m embarrassed!!! I was a fan of dak and Zeke but idk anymore. Yes the coaching sucks but these receivers and dak lost the game.

Harupert Beagleton

Dak isn’t the most accurate qb to begin with but this game was beyond that. His shoulder jacked with his passing for sure. Especially after trucking that DB trying to get the first down. The receivers were wide open and the defense held them to under 20 so you can’t really blame the coaching just a failure to execute by the players. Giants are winning next week anyway but so may the redskins lol.

Danny Evans RC Enthusiast Rhode Island

Hey Dak I’ve got an answer for you. Trash time KING. Stats seem to matter to you clowns. Hey Dak heres the only ring your gonna see💍💍💍💍….Joke of a team. JOKE OF A COACH, AND ENTIRE STAFF SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. YET ANOTHER DISAPOINTING SEASON.

Breeze563 %

Guess we need to fire Garrett in order to prove to the fans with dak derangement syndrome that he sucks. Until then dak will still get a pass (even though he can’t pass lol) for every loss because of Garrett

Rob D

I knew it was a huuuuge mistake paying Elliot big money. We could’ve gotten so much more for him in a trade and get a top tier quarterback in the draft and a couple more good picks.. Please don’t sign Dak we can still get something for him in a trade but he is not the answer! And Jerry please step down and just write the checks nothing else.

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